Shipwrecks off the Isle of Wight

This is a list of Shipwrecks around the Island.  I will be extracting names mentioned from the press reports. The ones I have transcribed already are marked and listed on another page .American Ship over 1,000 tons ashore on Brooke Ledge: William Singer 1858
Guernsey Brig ashore at Goose Rock close to Needles: Anglo Saxon 1879
Austrian Barque on the rocks at Atherfield: Atlast 1880
Steamer ashore in dense fog at Ladder-chine: Cormorant 1886
Lifeboat disaster off Atherfield, involving: Sirenia 1888  – transcribed
Full-rigged Sailing ship off Scratchells Bay:  Irex 1890 transcribed
A French vessel wrecked off St Catherine’s: Jeune Benoni 1891
A French vessel wrecked off Brook: Henri Leontine 1891
Atlantic Liner struck on Atherfield Ledge:  Eider 1891 transcribed
Loss of a Deal Lugger off Bonchurch: Walmer Castle 1892
Brigantine on the shingles off Totland Bay:  Gudrun 1892 transcribed
Steamer on the rocks off Brook: Ossian 1894
Brigantine ashore on oil rock off Brook Point:  Noodster 1895 transcribed
Steamer on Warden Ledge near Totland: Spree 1895
Barque on the Shingles off Totland Bay: Ganymedes 1896
Full-rigged ship stranded on Atherfield ledge: Alcester 1897
Dutch Galliot ashore at Blackgang: Mathilde 1898
Schooner on the shingle bank at entrance to Alum Bay: Ernst 1898 transcribed
Barque in collision with another vessel sw of St Catherine’s: Miranda 1899
Barquantine in collision with a Barque off St Catherine’s: Moland 1899
3 Masted Barque stranded on Atherfield ledge: Auguste 1900
Stranding of a Cape Liner at Gurnard: Braemar Castle 1902
Full-rigged ship a few yards off Rockend ledge: Neck 1904
Four-masted Glasgow Barque ashore at Scratchels Bay: Inverness-shire 1906

 Heroes, their bravery in rescues from wrecked vessels:  see Medal Awards

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