Wreck of Atlantic Liner “Eider” off Atherfield

A North German iron steel screw steamer of 5000 tons register and 7000-horse power, and was built by the Fairfield Co. (formerly John Eider & Co.) en route from New York to Bremen. She carried 163 crew, about 227 passengers, 500 sacks of mail and £300,000 worth of specie, ie silver ingots, boxes of gold, cotton and maize.

Names listed in order of mention in the County Press report 6 Feb 1891

HEINEKE (Capt of the Eider)
BURT Capt RN (Commander of the Coastguards)
WALLIS Mr (agent of Messrs Keller & Wallis & Co)
COTTON James (cox of Brighstone lifeboat)
BUCKETT Robert (2nd cox Brighstone lifeboat)
SALTER Robert (bowman Brighstone lifeboat)
BARTON William (crew Brighstone lifeboat)
EDMUNDS F. (crew Brighstone lifeboat)
BUCKETT Frank (crew Brighstone lifeboat)
NEW George (crew Brighstone lifeboat)
MORRIS George (crew Brighstone lifeboat)
SHOTTER George (crew Brighstone lifeboat)
HAWKER George (crew Brighstone lifeboat)
WHITE Edgar (crewe Brighstone lifeboat)
MERWOOD William (crew Brighstone lifeboat)
HITCHCOCK (crew Brighstone lifeboat)
HAYTER John (cox Brooke lifeboat)
JACOBS Ben (2nd cox Brooke lifeboat)
COOPER Robert (bowman Brooke lifeboat)
JACOBS W. (crew Brooke lifeboat)
COOK J. (crew Brooke lifeboat)
WHITE G. (crew Brooke lifeboat)
CASSELL W. (crew Brooke lifeboat)
WOODFORD R. (crew Brooke lifeboat)
CASSELL M. (crew Brooke lifeboat)
HOOKEY T. (crewe Brooke lifeboat)
NEWBERY J. (crew Brooke lifeboat)
COOPER J. (crew Brooke lifeboat)
HOOKEY J. (crewe Brooke lifeboat)
BLAKE W. (volunteer replacement crew Brooke lifeboat)
HAYTER W. (volunteer replacement crew Brooke lifeboat)
HOOKEY W. (volunteer replacement crew Brooke lifeboat)
COTTON William (cox Atherfield lifeboat)
COTTON David (assistant cox Atherfield lifeboat)
WOODFORD W. (crew Atherfield lifeboat)
COTTON Frank (crew Atherfield lifeboat)
COTTON Charles (crew Atherfield lifeboat)
COTTON James (crew Atherfield lifeboat)
COTTON Thomas (crew Atherfield lifeboat)
COTTON John (crew Atherfield lifeboat)
WHITE Walter (crew Atherfield lifeboat)
COWARD Frank (crew Atherfield lifeboat)
WHITE Woodman (crew Atherfield lifeboat)
HAYNES George (crew Atherfield lifeboat)
DIBDIN Charles (secretary Lifeboat Institution)
SEELY Charles (J.P. & Squire of Brooke)
SEELY Mrs & Miss
HEALD C.W. (Rev of Chale)
CONQUEST (Host & Hostess of Bugle Hotel, Newport)
LIPSCOMB F.P. (Rev – acting sec Brighstone boat)
JEANS G.E. (Rev)
DABELL Charles (hon sec Atherfield boat)
HILLIER William (acting hon sec Brooke boat)
GARNETT Mr (Coastguard officer at Brighstone)
LOCK Mr (Coastguard Officer at Brooke)
CLARKE W.A.Chatfield (C.A.)
AYRES (Detective-Inspector, Newport)
GIBSON (Inspector, Ventnor)
H.R.H. Prince Henry of Battenburg KG (Governor of the Island)
Marquis of Lorne
Prince of Wales
Prince George

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