Royal Pier Hotel


27/04/1889 .. Fire at the Pier Hotel – On Sunday morning some consternation was caused by a fire at the Pier Hotel.  Flames were first noticed proceeding from the coffee room by one of the local fisherman, named SMITH, who at once gave the alarm.  There being a miniature fire engine and plenty of appliances for coping with the fire handy, it was soon deadened by the staff of the hotel, and as the Fire Brigade were on the spot within a quarter of an hour the flames were soon extinguished. Quite £100 worth of damage was done to the costly furniture and decorations of the room.  The fire is said to have been caused by the over-heating of the enormous stove which has just been put into the kitchen, which ignited some of the flooring of the coffee room, but so quickly was the fire extinguished that very little alarm was created. (IW Observer)

26/03/1931 .. Royal Pier Hotel, a great deal of interest has been shown in the sale by auction of the goods of the Royal Pier Hotel–where Royalty has stayed on many occasions–and large crowds were present on the two inspection days, Saturday and Monday, and at the sale on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Prices as a rule were good, amongst the best being £30 for a grand piano in rosewood.  (IW Times)

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