25 July 1874 .. BLONDINETTE MELODISTS – This celebrated company of “young ladies with golden locks” (11 in number) are advertised to appear in their vocal and instrumental entertainment at the Town-hall on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday next, July 30th and 31st, and August 1st.  This attractive troupe have visited Ryde before;  and we have no doubt that they will attract large audiences during their present visit by their refined and pleasing entertainment. The press are unanimous in its approval of their performances.  (IW Observer)

08 Aug 1874 .. MRS. SCOTT-SIDDONS – As will be seen by reference to advertisement, this talented lady will give one of her histrionic readings in the new Town-hall this (Saturday) afternoon, at 3’oclock.  She will be accompanied by the youthful prodigy, “Seraphael,” the celebrated boy pianist who has won bronze and silver medals in the Royal Academy of Music.  (IW Observer)

31 July 1875 .. It is with great pleasure we announce that the theatre has been taken from the 7th of August, by Miss Lotti WILMOT, of the Globe Theatre, Strand, London, with a really first-class company,  Mr. Fred HUGHES is the acting manager.  (IW Observer)

30 Sept 1876 .. DE VERE’S MODERN MARVELS – M. De VERE, the talented conjurer, who has been performing in London for some time, will shortly again submit his clever entertainment to a Ryde audience for the second time.  M. De VERE, for feats of sleight of hand, stands unrivalled……  (IW Observer)

18 Dec 1876 .. GODWIN FOWLES GRAND ANNUAL CONCERT – We are pleased to learn, is fixed to take place tomorrow (Friday) evening, in the Portland Hall, Southsea, when, assisted by his pupils, Mr. G. FOWLES, F.C.O., son of the eminent marine artist of the same name in this town, will discourse some of the first productions of the classical and popular composers, with several of his own authorship.  The programme contains a piano solo, “When we went a gleaning” (Gauz), which is set down to be performed by Master E. FOWLES, a child aged six years, who, we should think must be a juvenile prodigy, of whom his happy parents must be justly proud.  (IW Times)  

15 Sept 1877 .. TWO-HEADED NIGHTINGALE – We must again refer our readers to the advertisement respecting Miss Millie CHRISTINS, the wonderful two-headed nightingale, who will appear at the Town Hall on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next.  (IW Observer)  

27 July 1878 .. RYDE PIER – The head of our Pier is now a very pleasant spot to spend an evening, for every night the Volunteer and Mr. TOLLERVEY’s Band
play there.  The bandmaster of the former has been so frequently complimented on the improvement he has effected that there is hardly any occasion for us to say more than that our Volunteer band supply a great want, and furnishes a great attraction to the Pier.   TOLLERVEY’s band is also greatly improved and plays a number of excellent selections, which sound well on the pier.  We shall soon have the additional attraction of a military band from over the water. (IW Observer)

28 Jan 1893 .. Music lovers from all parts of the Island filled the Town Halls to overflowing on Wednesday, the attraction being the great Spanish violinist, Senor SARASATE, and the renowned pianiste, Madame Berthe MARX.  These far-famed artistes appeared together and held the audience spell-bound. They were brought back many times to bow their acknowledgments…… (IW County Press)

04 Feb 1893.. MISS KATE STAINER – sang recently at a concert at Surbiton, and a notice of her singing says that she gave evidence of vocal powers of a rare order.  Her beautiful contralto voice was heard to advantage in “Beauty’s eyes” and “The gift.” (IW County Press)  

27 Jan 1894 .. For the first time during the last 12 months playgoers will, on Monday next, have an opportunity of witnessing at the Ryde Theatre that merry form of entertainment known as burlesque.  Mr. G. B. PHILLIPS’s popular company in the successful “Bonny Boy Blue” burlesque is announced by Mr. Ellis MILLER, and we have every reason to believe that there is in store for its patrons an exceedingly pretty, bright, and humorous performance, with songs and dances quite up to date.  (IW County Press)   

28 July 1894 .. Such names as Lionel BROUGH, Charles GROVES, Sydney BROUGH, Barrington FOOTE, Miss Vane FEATHERSTON, and Miss Lizzie WEBSTER generally appear only on the bills of West-end theatres but they compose the cast next week at the Ryde Theatre.  We are not therefore surprised to hear that seats are being rapidly booked. (IW County Press)  

04 May 1895 .. EDWARD TERRY AT THE THEATRE – A large house assembled at the Theatre on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings to see this popular comedian and clever London company, and all present enjoyed a hearty laugh at the actor’s escapades as T Pilkington in “An Innocent Abroad.”  Needless to say, Mr. TERRY was supported by his colleagues to perfection. (IW County Press)  

04 May 1895 .. The bright and sparkling comedy “Dorcas” has, thanks to Mr. Ellis MILLER’s spirited management, been secured for the pleasure of the patrons of the Theatre next week.  Good singing, comedy, and, in fact, bright all-round acting are characteristics of Mr. Charles FISHER’s London company.  (IW County Press)  

21 Mar 1903 .. At a concert in the Pavilion on Thursday Mr. L. V. D. MOORE, the clever young violinist, was rapturously encored for his splendid performance of a new work by Mr. J. C. BEAZLEY, R. A. M. of Ryde, entitled “Romance and Humoresque.”  There was a large attendance.  (IW County Press) 

00 Apr 1903 .. Miss F. STAINER gave a very good rendering of Muriel Mannering and Miss Evelyn MARSH gained great credit for her very fine acting as Norah Vining.  Miss Rhoda DRAKE was Lady Harburgh and gave a very creditable performance of that character…… (IW  Times)  

19 Mar 1904 .. PACHMANN RECITAL – Islanders had another opportunity of hearing the renown pianist, M. Vladimir de PACHMANN, at Ryde, on Monday, thanks to the enterprise of Messrs. GODFREY and Co., and a large number availed themselves of it.  There was a splendid programme, played with charming brilliancy throughout.  (IW County Press)

27 Jan 1906 .. Mark HAMBOURG, the great Russian pianist, and Jan HAMBOURG, the violinist and pupil of YSAYE, assisted by Miss Martha CUNNINGHAM and Miss Daisy BUCKPROUT, will give a recital at the Town Hall, on Saturday afternoon, February 10th.  (IW Observer)

26 May 1906 .. The play “Home, Sweet Home” is to be presented at the Theatre next week by Mr. Frank LINDO and Company.  It is said to vie in popularity with “The Silver King.”  Mr. LINDO has twice appeared before the King and Royal Family and he is to be supported by a strong company, including Miss Marion WAKEFORD, lately leading lady in the Drury Lane dramas. (IW County Press)  

21 Dec 1907 .. The Earl and the Girl – Mr. J. Bannister HOWARD’s company appears on Boxing Day at the Theatre Royal, Ryde, in the “Earl and the Girl.”  As is well known, the play was written by Seymour HICKS, composed by Ivan CARYLL, and the lyrics by Percy GREENBANK.  All the scenery and dresses are an exact replica of those used at the Adelphi and Lyric Theatres, London.  Unlike many musical comedies, “The Earl and the Girl” possesses a good plot, for that versatile actor-author, Mr. Seymour HICKS, has contrived a coherent story which runs throughout the play…… (IW Observer)

14 Mar 1908 .. A crowded audience attended a delightful concert, organised by Messrs. GODFREY and Co., given at the Town Hall, Ryde, yesterday afternoon, when Madame Ada CROSSLEY was the principal attraction.  The world famous contralto sang magnificently first “Caro Mio Ben,” and then a new song cycle of three songs, composed for her by Mr. S. LIDDLE, and entitled “On the way home.”  She was encored both times, and on the second occasion gave “The banks of Allan Water” with charming sympathy and feeling.  She was supported by other talented artistes.  (IW County Press) 

27 Nov 1909 .. The daily Illustrated journals on Wednesday published portraits of Miss Dolly PARNELL, who was married on Tuesday to His Highness Prince Nasir Ali KHAN, an Indian Prince living in this country.  Miss PARNELL is not unknown in Ryde, as she is a cousin of Mr. PARNELL, the genial proprietor of the King Lud Hotel, and while staying with Mr. and Mrs. PARNELL, she became acquainted with many Ryde people.  Miss PARNELL is an actress, and a charming one, but she will leave the boards for good now that she has married Prince Ali KHAN.  It is stated that Prince KHAN’s wedding gift to his bride was jewellery to the value of £20,000.    

13 Aug 1910 .. The Follies paid a popular visit to Ryde on Wednesday evening, when the Town Hall was packed to its almost capacity.  The talented artistes received a great reception, more especially M. H.G. PELLISSIER and Miss Gwennie MARS, who is especially well-known and liked in Ryde.  The others taking part in the programme were Messrs. Morriss HARVEY, Dan EVERARD, Douglas MACLARAN, Lewis SYDNEY, and Misses Muriel GEORGE, Effie COOK, and Ethel ALLANDALE. (IW County Press)   

29 Oct 1910 .. Another cinematograph theatre is to be opened in Ryde.  The Temperance Hall in High-street has been acquired for that purpose and is being fitted up with tip-up chairs etc. (IW Observer)

12 Nov 1910 .. Advert – The new Cinema De Luxe in Ryde will be opened on November 14th 1910.  (IW Observer)

1 July 1911 .. “The Mollusc” at the Theatre – Miss Nella Powys is presenting to Ryde playgoers on Monday next, for three nights and a matinee, perhaps one of the most billiantly written comedies of modern times. “The Mollusc” is without doubt Mr. Herbert Ham Davies’ masterpiece its sparkling wit and biting irony secured for in a very long run at the Criterion Theatre with Sir Charles Wyndham and Miss Mary Moore in the cast. The company engaged by Mrs. Powys is a really representative West End one, and the play has had the unusual advantage of rehearsals being supervised by the author himself. This added to the reputation and ability of the artists themselves should secure a fine performance of this clever comedy. (IW  Observer)

22 Nov 1913 .. At the Theatre Royal during the week there have been excellent films representing the dancing of Miss Ellaline TERRISS and Mr. Seymour HICKS, with other popular pictures.  (IW County Press)

8 Mar 1919 .. A Great Dancer – Mr. Terry WOOD the enterprising lessee and manager of the Theatre has made the arrangements for the week after next of the visit of Mdlle. Lydia KYASHT, the famous dancer. This talented lady prior to her great success in London, was premiere danseuse in all the principal cities of Europe. In 1917 she visited Petrograd to see her husband who was a captain in the Russian army and after many exciting and adventurous experiences was eventually able to leave Russia and return to England by way of Sweden and Norway. Later, her husband, Captain RAGOSIN, who by the way is the proud possessor of the Cross of St. George (the Russian V.C.,) which he won in 1914 for the capture of four heavy guns from the Germans with his company of 50 men, after having recovered from wounds he had received followed her to England in the company of Kerenski’s secretary. He is now a captain in the British Army. Mdlle. KYASHT, whose delightful artistic dancing has charmed so many is exceedingly pretty and has great personality and is in herself a combination of beauty and grace that makes it a positive delight to watch her at work. Her dances are all by great personality and is in herself a combination of beauty and grace that makes it a positive delight to watch her at work. Her dances are all by great composers including La Cygne (the Swan) by SAINT SAENS, Valse and Mazurka by CHOPIN and Dance by Sir Frederick COWAN. Our readers are requested to book their seats early. (IW Observer)  

24 Aug 1929 .. The Bijou Orchestra whose playing has given so much pleasure throughout the season was augmented this week and by means of a special apparatus their performances have been broadcast to the Canoe-lake, the effect being very pleasing.  (IW County Press)14 Mar 1931 .. The visit of the famous violinist KUBELIK, to the Theatre Royal on Monday, when he gave a matinee performance, attracted a large gathering from all parts of the Island, who were captivated by the dominating personality of the great master.  KUBELICK played with his wonted brilliant technique and his hearers enjoyed to the full the superb artistry of his genius.  At the piano, a Bechstein grand, was Otto HUSA, who provided a very fine  object lesson in the art of  accompanist. (IW County Press)

27 Aug 1936 .. A little bird has whispered that George ROBEY is coming to the Commodore Theatre.  On enquiry at the manager’s office, we find this to be correct.  Teddy BROWN appears on September 6th and his many friends in Ryde are sure to turn up in force.  (IW Times)

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