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Property General

HERE LISTED ARE ITEMS ABOUT A RANDOM SELECTION OF PROPERTIES, MOSTLY IN RYDE AND SURROUNDING AREA 29/03/1934 .. Ryde’s oldest house demolished – The oldest house in Ryde Rodney Cottage, West-street, until recently the residence of Mr. James NORRIS, verger at All Saints’ Church, is in process of demolition by Messrs. C. LANGDON’s.  No one […]

St. Lawrence Coastguard Cottages

These cottages (rear view) at Woody Bay are on the cliff overlooking the English Channel towards France, a beautiful view.  A very open spot, bleak and windy in the winter.  The outbuildings can be seen far right, were probably used as a store for equipment,  one was normally used as a communal washhouse by the families. They have […]

Atherfield Coastguard Cottage

These cottages are in a very open and exposed part of the southern coast of the island, situated in a field overlooking the sea.  The wind is so strong in this area that the trees grow bent over towards the north.  Built in the same style as the others, in a block of five, they are unmistakeable. […]