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The Cinema

SNIPPETS OF NEWS ABOUT THE CINEMA’s AT RYDE 29 Oct 1910 .. Another cinematograph theatre is to be opened in Ryde.  The Temperance Hall in High-street has been acquired for that purpose and is being fitted up with tip-up chairs etc. (IW Observer) 12 Nov 1910 .. Advert – The new Cinema De Luxe in Ryde […]

Amateur Entertainment

WHEN PEOPLE MADE THEIR OWN ENTERTAINMENT, THERE WERE MANY PEOPLE/GROUPS THAT WILLINGLY CAME FORWARD TO “DO A TURN”, I LIST JUST A FEW BELOW. 25/02/1893 .. The Philharmonic Society has received special permission from Sir Arthur SULLIVAN to render his “Golden Legend,” and he has approved of the names of the soloists which have been submitted […]


THE DATA LISTED HERE WILL BE MOSTLY FOR THE RYDE AREA, EXTRACTED FROM THE LOCAL NEWSPAPERS. A succession of dots…… denotes more to the article. 25 July 1874 .. BLONDINETTE MELODISTS – This celebrated company of “young ladies with golden locks” (11 in number) are advertised to appear in their vocal and instrumental entertainment at […]