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Yarmouth General News

THIS IS JUST A SMALL SELECTION OF NEWS AVAILABLE, If you would like snippets from an area of your choice, displayed on a page of this site, please  contact me with a preference and I will search for items of interest . JANUARY 1886 … The South Western Railway company now has a steamer leaving Yarmouth, […]

General News

THE ITEMS BELOW ARE EXTRACTED FROM EARLY COPIES OF ISLE OF WIGHT NEWSPAPERS.  17 MAY 1862 .. BLOWING UP A TREE .. On Thursday afternoon some men were engaged on the premises occupied by Mr. OLLARD, at Ryde, in taking the roots of a tree from the grounds.  As the process of digging and hewing […]

Accident Reports

Interesting snippets to enhance your family history. Below are items I have found in the local newspapers, that give details of accidents, which only resulted in injury rather being fatal.  These are only brief details, in most case more information is available, this is denoted by a succession of dots…… 12/08/1854 – CORNEY, his wife, […]