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17 MAY 1862 .. BLOWING UP A TREE .. On Thursday afternoon some men were engaged on the premises occupied by Mr. OLLARD, at Ryde, in taking the roots of a tree from the grounds.  As the process of digging and hewing was considered too laborious, about half-a-pound of gunpowder was placed underneath the roots and ignited.  The powder “went off” with a fearful explosion, blowing a door all to pieces nd breaking several panes of glass; but, fortunately no personal injury was received.  (Observer)

26 MARCH 1863 .. FATAL OCCURRENCE .. We regret to find from a telegram received yesterday, that Mr BROWN, master of the collier “Samson” of Cowes, was drowned whilst off Eastbourne.  How the affair happened, we are not informed.  The unfortunate man leaves a wife, just waiting her confinement and great sympathy is felt for her in all quarters, this sympathy we trust will not evaporate in mere words, as she is left destitute. (Times)

7 MAY 1863 .. ANTIQUARIAN DISCOVERIES … Last week as some men were employed in digging a well near the Mall, Newport, the fossil remains of a Mammoth were discovered between 18 to 20 feet below the surface of the earth.  The tusk of the animal was unfortunately much mutilated by the pick-axe and shovel before the men knew the nature of what they were working upon.  Many of the bones and teeth are quite perfect.  There was also at the same digging a horn of a very large sized ox discovered, and which we understand with the remains of the Mammoth will be presented to our Museum.  (IW Times)

13 OCTOBER 1870 .. NARROW EXCAPE AT WEST COWES … A lad named HARWOOD, in the service of Mr NETTEN, accidentally fell over the quay and but for the prompt attention of Mr TAYLOR, harbour master, and Mr RICHARDS, steward of the yacht “Gelert”, would have been drowned.  Dr W.H.HOFFMEISTER, with the aid of  his galvanic battery succeeded, after nearly two hours in restoring anumation. 

1 JANUARY 1876 .. RUNAWAYS … Harry CARPENTER and Alfred PRESTON whose parents live in Arthur street, Ryde, the two boys who ran away from their home in October last, have just been found and brought back to their homes.  They were discovered in the Portsea Island Workhouse, into which they were admitted on 17th October, being taken there by Police.  (Ryde & Ventnor Times)  

31 JULY 1886 .. PRIZE DAY AT THE NEWPORT BOARD SCHOOLS … Mr VIBERT presented certificates to the following eight boys who have all attended school the full number of times:-George SWEETMAN, Percy SPANNER, Walter SHEAF, Fred LOCKYER, Frank WAY, Frederick BIRCH, John COFFEY, Chas. ORAM .

31 JULY 1886 .. THE BLUE SCHOOL … On the invitation of Mr Edwin WAY , the girls of the Blue School spent a very happy day at Shanklin on Tuesday last, this being the fifth time that they have been so entertained by this kind and generous friend.

21 AUGUST 1886 .. CRICKET NOTES … The third representative match for the season 1886 was played last week at the Oval and resulted in an easy victory for England by an innings and over two hundred runs. Australia has suffered defeat in all three matches this year.

10 MARCH 1888 .. FOOTBALL NEWPORT … Newport Grammar School 2nd XI v. Cowes Junior Medina XI – This match was played on the school ground on Saturday and won by three goals to one.

14 APRIL 1888 .. LIFEBOAT DISASTER … The terrible disaster which overcame the Brighstone and Brooke lifeboats has awakened the sympathy of the benevolent in Ryde. Mr James BUCKETT of the Strand, who is a son of that truly “grand old man”, John BUCKETT , the veteran ex-coxswain of the Brook boat, has started a subscription list, and has already received upwards of 20 pounds.

2 FEBRUARY 1889 .. BRIGHSTONE … Message from the sea. There has been washed up near Chilton Chine, a bottle containing a piece of paper, with the following words written thereon. “The English Steamer Vampire sprung a leak off Cape Clear. All boats sunk. Anybody finding this paper, please send it to F.PERCIVAL , 2 Southwick Place, Hyde Park Square, London, W… G.E.D.”

19 APRIL 1890 .. THE BELLS … of St Thomas’s Church rang a merry peal last Saturday evening on the occasion of the return of Mr and Mrs W.L. GEORGE from their honeymoon.

19 APRIL 1890 .. PUBLIC HOUSE BARRICADED … A waggon with a load of straw, belonging to Mr BAKER of Chessell, was overturned and fell on its side in front of the Brown Jug Inn at the top of the High Street Newport, completely blocking the entrance.

2 AUGUST 1890 .. PRIZE GARDENS … For the best cultivated and neatest gardens, prizes were given to – first G.ATTRILL of Yafford, second J.SHIRLEY of Yafford, third T.BUDDEN of Brighstone, fourth J.MORRIS of Rock.

14 MARCH 1891 .. AN AWKWARD CUSTOMER at NEWPORT … On Thursday last a bullock was being driven through the town, when its movements became somewhat erratic and it walked into the furniture emporium of Mr C.H.WADHAM , St Thomas’s Square. Luckily it was got out without any damage being done.

11 APRIL 1891 .. WROXALL RECENT ACCIDENT … John TOOGOOD , the unfortunate man who lost his arm a few weeks ago by having it cut off in a chaff-cutting machine, is we hear, doing well at Ryde Infirmary and the villagers are arranging an entertainment on his behalf.

5 SEPTEMBER 1891 .. NOVEL ACCIDENT AT SHANKLIN … On Wednesday afternoon a char-a-banc from Ryde was passing up the Station Road, when it collided with Mr CROUCHER ‘s light bread cart and curious to say the bread cart was scarcely damaged at all, while the ponderous char-a-banc received extensive injuries, breaking the front springs. The passengers alighted and were conveyed back to Ryde by a brake and the char-a-banc was taken home empty.

18 JANUARY 1892 .. RYDE CANOE LAKE … During the recent severe weather, a number of skaters were able to enjoy their favourite pastime, skating on the canoe lake.

12 JULY 1892 .. BRAVE SAILORS … Mr H.WHEELER, master mariner of Elmfield and Mr S.SOTHCOTT, seaman of Seaview, who were presented with silver and bronze medals respectively, for helping to save life in connection with the foundering of the s.s. Utopia, as result of a collision off Gibralter, have now been sent similar medals by the King of Italy in recognition of their gallantry.

12 JULY 1892 .. APPOINTMENT … Mr E.A.SAUNDERS formerly a pupil teacher under the Ryde School Board, has been appointed head master of St Agatha’s School, Landport.  Before leaving London where he has been working during the past 14 years, Mr SAUNDERS was presented with a handsome writing case and a diamond pin.

10 SEPTEMBER 1892 .. BIRTHDAY PARTY … Mrs J.H. ATKEY gave a supper party at the Claremont Hall on Wednesday evening, celebrating her birthday and also that of her eldest daughter. The hall was tastefully prepared for the occasion and the large number of guests who accepted invitations were most pleasurably entertained.

7 JANUARY 1893 .. FRESHWATER … Mr F. SNELLING, who has been Assistant Master at the National School for 9 years, is leaving to take up a post in his native place of Norfolk.  A presentation was made to him by Mr A. TROLLOPE, Headmaster.

4 FEBUARY 1893 .. FRESHWATER … Mr SHILLINGLAW, who met with a serious accident in his orchard recently, is progressing favourably towards recovery.

18 MARCH 1893 .. DEATH OF OLD NEWPORTONIAN … We learn by an extract from an American newspaper, of the death at the age of 50, of Mr William MORRIS, second son of the late Edward MORRIS , for many years occupier of the old Hare and Hounds Inn, Newport.

15 SEPTEMBER 1894 .. PLUCKY RESCUE … At Totland Bay a boy named HORNE fell down the pier steps used by the Steam-boat passengers, William MILLER seeing him struggle in the water, with commendible promptitude, plunged into the water and rescued him.

19 JANUARY 1895 .. COW ON THE LINE … As the train due at Sandown from Ventnor at 9.38 was entering Sandown station, a cow belonging to Mr T.COX of Nunwell House Sandown, was noticed standing just off the metals, but not far enough away for the train to pass it safely. The driver brought his engine to a standstill and the animal passed safely on to the path to the waterworks.

4 MAY 1895 .. BENEVOLENCE at NEWPORT … On Sunday last, 200 were supplied with hot dinners at the old Salvation Army Hall stores in Quay Street through the instrumentality of Messrs. G.SHEAF, F.DALLIMORE , F.W.MILLIGAN, J.KERFOOT, W.ODELL, PERKINS, W.KNOTT, F.COOPER, H.GALE, C.F.BULMAN and other kind supporters. The dinner, of substantial character, consisted of boiled bacon, suet pudding and potatoes, turnips and beans.

19 NOVEMBER 1895 .. THE MENELAS … The quarantine ship, lying at Ryde, is receiving attention, by the Government orders, at the hands of Messrs. HANSEN and Sons, of West Cowes.  The cabins of the vessel are to be altered, and she is being painted.

18 JULY 1896 .. RYDE … Mr WATTS asked whether it was not possible to have one or two policemen on duty in Union street when there were large excursions.  On Saturday there were very disorderly scenes.  One man was pushed through the window of Yelf’s Hotel and no policemen were in the street.  Mr WATTS said it paralyses our business, Capt SWEETMAN said it is a perfect nuisance altogether.

6 NOVEMBER 1897 .. NEWTOWN – PROFITABLE COW … Mr ARNOLD of Noahs Ark, has recently lost a remarkable cow, which had a record in regard to its offspring, 4 lots of twins, one of triplets and 5 singles.

13 NOVEMBER 1897 .. HAY RICK DESTROYED … A hay rick valued at 70pounds belonging to Mr Frederick HOLLIS of Appleford, was recently accidentally destroyed by fire, under circumstances detailed in todays record of Police proceedings.  Mr HOLLIS  was insured by the Sun Office.

3 SEPTEMBER 1898 .. WILFUL MURDER … The terrible and cruel murder of a Newport school-boy, named Percy HAYTER last week in Parkhurst Barrack field.  A confession of the crime was made by Maurice HOLBROOK, who had recently discharged himself from the Workhouse Infirmary……..

11 MARCH 1899 .. PRESENTATION at BRADING … Mr J. Milman BROWN presented a silver teapot and silver spoons to Miss WHITNEY, late Head Mistress of the Infants School, he also presented her with one of his prize winning photos.

17 JUNE 1899 .. FIRE AT PIER STREET VENTNOR … Mr & Mrs Hy. Arthur IVES had a lucky escape from a serious fire on Monday night.  A candle left burning on the dressing table in a bedroom while Mrs IVES went downstairs, her child being asleep in the bed.  On returning about seven minutes later, after being alerted by the childs cries,  Mrs IVES found the window curtains and dressing table drapery in a blaze, it took but a moment to carry the child to safety, then she tackled the fire and brought it under control, at the expense of a severely burnt hand and arm.

17 JULY 1900 .. BAKERS LEAPING HORSES … The wonder of the nineteenth century at Freshwater for one more week July 23 to 28. Magnificent Orchestrophone. Grounds illuminated at night by special Electric-Light plant.

4 JANUARY 1902 .. BELL-RINGERS SUPPER … The bell-ringers of All Saints Church Freshwater had their annual supper at the Red Lion Inn on Wednesday evening. After the agreeable discussion of an excellent repast, several hours were most pleasantly spent, harmony remaining supreme.

1 MARCH 1902 .. OFF TO SOUTH AFRICA … Mr G.BRINSTEAD and Mr E.GUY , who have been in the employ of South Western Railway Company as parcel clerk and booking clerk at Yarmouth Pier, left for London en route for South Africa to join the Cape Mounted Police.

17 APRIL 1902 .. OLD TIMES AT CARISBROOKE … Mr John SPICKERNELL gave an interesting lecture about many amusing old customs, which were related with life-like precision, dealing with the ducking stool, village tailor, sparrow catching, furniture of first poor house, medical comforts, the old turnpike gates and many other interesting relics of those good old times.

11 APRIL 1903 .. LICENSE TRANSFER … At Ryde the license of the Royal Kent Hotel was on Monday transferred from Albert Ernest DUNFORD to Alexander LORIMER . The hotel is to be known in future as Lorimer’s Royal Hotel.

6 FEBRUARY 1904 .. “SEELY” FREE LIBRARY … Mr Arthur KEMP of Newport, was appointed to the position of Librarian at the “Seely” Free Library. There were 39 applicants for the position and Mr Tom BUCKLER, son of Mr T.S.BUCKLER was left with Mr KEMP for the final selection. Salary 100 pounds per year, hours 10am to 10pm.

23 JULY 1904 .. BAKER’S HIPPODROME … at Brighstone, July 26th to 29th – Up to date Electrograph. Latest living pictures.

29 April 1905 .. CHALE … Mr Allan HARVEY, eldest son of Mr HARVEY of Chale Farm, left on Wednesday for Canada.  Parishioners, Friends and Family wish him good luck and good speed and a full measure of happiness and prosperity.

17 FEBRUARY 1906 .. LOST … on the Downs between Carisbrooke and Brixton, a small leather flask and silver cup – please return it to the Officers Mess, Parkhurst.

24 MARCH 1906 .. BOWCOMBE … A carter at Bowcombe Farm named ELDRIDGE , was badly kicked by a young horse in the stable on Monday last.

26 MAY 1906 .. SCHOOL ATTENDANCE UNDER DIFFICULTIES … Nellie GRIFFIN, an 8 year old scholar, of Sandford, who recently scalded her foot so badly that she could not walk to and from school, has had her injured limb dressed by the school-mistress (Mrs DANIEL ), assisted by the First Aid class at the school and has been borne between her home and the school, a distance of over a mile, on a stretcher by members of her class, in order that she might keep up her attendances. She is one of the Baring prize winners and had not missed an attendance this year.

26 May 1906 .. A LOCAL PATENTEE … Mr D.B. PLUMBLEY R.D.C., ironmonger of Station Road, Freshwater, has taken out a patent for an improved vermin trap.

1 JUNE 1907 .. RESCUED at COWES … On Sunday evening a little boy named DRAPER fell over the palisading on the Parade and was in imminent danger of drowning, when Mr MCGABEY , an East Cowes resident, gallantly went to the rescue and saved the little lad from a watery grave.

7 JUNE 1907 .. RAILWAY TICKETS 500 MILES … The daily issue of these popular weekly season tickets are now in operation. These tickets entitle the holders to travel 500 miles for 10s.6d.

7 JUNE 1907 .. ADVERTISEMENT … A Family’s washing wanted, good drying ground. apply Mrs SLINGSBY , 2 Lockyer’s Cottages, Sheepwash, Freshwater.

12 OCT 1907 .. DECEASED WIFE’S SISTER … We understand that the first marriage with a deceased wife’s sister under the new Act, took place at the Congregational Church, Ryde one day this week.  A local clergyman had previously refused to celebrate the wedding.

30 JAN 1909 .. ABUSING HIS MOTHER… Joseph LOCKYER of Newport, was convicted on the evidence of PC MORRISON, of using bad language towards his mother in Robin Hood street, on the night of the 16th inst. Fined 5s. and 7s.6d. costs, in default seven days, after Inspector CASS had put in a list of five previous convictions against him.

12 MARCH 1910 .. BATH-CHAIR JOURNEY … Mr J.JEFFERIES, Outside Porter of Shanklin, attempted to convey Mr DICK BOYNTON in a bath-chair to Freshwater, a distance of 22 miles in 6 hours. Unfortunately heavy rain fell and the journey had to be abandoned 2 miles beyond Carisbrooke owing to the heavy rain and wind.

30 MARCH 1912 .. OFF TO CANADA … No less than nine former residents of this district (Ventnor) sailed in the Cunard liner ” Ascania”, which left Southampton for Canada on Thursday, vis, Messrs. C.E.LAKE, W.E.LAKE, G.H.DOWNER, J.H.BANNING, C.J.JAMES, H.DAVIS, C.E.E.DRAKE, and Mr & Mrs LANE.  Mr LANE has been in Canada about nine years and recently came home to be married.

27 APRIL 1912 .. FOR AMERICA … Mr. and Mrs R. HAYLES and their child, who are well-known in the Village of Niton, sailed for America in the ” Olympic” on Wednesday and will join other relatives in Iowa.

3 MARCH 1913 .. ADVERTISEMENT … MEW LANGTON + Co. Wine and Spirit Merchant. Osborne Pale Ale and Nutricious Stout, both at 1s.6d. per gallon, as supplied to His Majesty’s Household.

11 MARCH 1916 .. SERIOUS FIRE AVERTED … Special Constable F. SIBBICK when passing WITHAM Bros cycle and motor works in the high street, noticed a fire in the shop ceiling and aroused the occupier, an electical wire had fused and melted a gas pipe, igniting the escaping gas.  With the assistance of PS SHOTTER they promptly put the fire out.

15 MARCH 1919 .. WORKHOUSE … The Board of Guardians increased the wages of the Foreman Gardener, Mr SHEEN, from 35shillings to 2pounds per week.  Also, the hope was expressed that young women who had been doing munitions work would become probationer nurses.

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