Accident Reports

Interesting snippets to enhance your family history.
Below are items I have found in the local newspapers, that give details of accidents, which only resulted in injury rather being fatal.  These are only brief details, in most case more information is available, this is denoted by a succession of dots……

12/08/1854 – CORNEY, his wife, severely burnt her hands and face, when fire broke out in the bedroom of their cottage at Shanklin in the lower part of the village …… (IW Observer) 

02/09/1854 – WILLIAMS, engineer of the “Prince of Wales” steamer, after passengers had been landed, went to view the celebrated “Shanklin Chine”, he leaned against a hurdle at the top of a precipice, which gave way and he plunged down the gorge about 70ft, he received several contusious cuts and was much shaken……. (IW Observer)

11/07/1863 – Sarah Ann PROWSE, a little girl of about nine years of age,  on Monday afternoon, in company with a lady, was walking on the new Pier; and when at the extreme end, fell over into the water.  A youth named BALLARD, while fishing observed the accident, and threw out a rope, which the child grasped, and was soon rescued from her perilous position.  (IW Observer)

16/07/1863 – HARTNELL Ebeneza, St Johns-road, Ryde, in Nov 1861, he stepped onto what he believed to be a flat kerbstone, when his foot slipped into the gutter, he heard a crack, his leg being broken in two places – [action to recover damages] …… (IW Times)

 31/12/1864 – YOUNG John, of Oakfield, who was in the habit of taking round salt in a donkey cart, stepped on something slippery in Warwick-street and fell and broke his leg. (IW Observer)

07/08/1869 – DRAKE Ann, on Tuesday was knocked down by a horse and cart near the railway station, and was considerably injured. She was conveyed to the Infirmary, and attended by Dr. DAVEY. We regret to add that she lies in a dangerous condition. (IW Observer)

13/10/1870 – DYER (Mr), farmer of Swanmore, was thrown from his cart when boys frightened the horse.  He suffered a broken leg.  (IW Times)

13/10/1870 – ASHFORD (Mr), carrying out work on the roof of the Park-road chapel in Monkton-street, fell from the ladder and sustained serious internal injuries.  (IW Times)

07/04/1877 – LALE Charles, living on the Longdown, was washing down the Ventnor premises of Mr FLUX, pork butcher, when he fell from the ladder and suffered a fracture of the upper thigh and hip bone.  (IW Advertiser, Ryde & Ventnor Times) *

21/04/1877 – BROWN, an engine driver in the employ of Edwin HILLIER of Apse Down Farm nr Calbourne, had his right hand caught in the cutting machine, before the engine could be stopped, it was cut off inch by inch to the wrist.  (IW Advertiser, Ryde & Ventnor Times) *

22/09/1877 – VEVRE J., was severely hurt whilst riding a horse in a race at the Ryde, Springvale and Seaview amusements.  (IW Advertiser, Ryde & Ventnor Times)  *

17/11/1877 – BULL,  in the employ of Mr DAVIS of Broadfields Farm, when returning from Newport with an empty waggon, fell from it and the wheels passed over him, breaking several ribs.  (IW Advertiser, Ryde & Ventnor Times)  *

18/03/1878 – CASS, an elderly man, stumbled and fell on the pavement near Mr TARRANT’s shop in Union-street, he struck his head very severely at the back. We are glad to say he is out of danger and progressing towards recovery. IW Advertiser, Ryde & Ventnor Times) *

30/03/1878 – On Wednesday afternoon, a man named Charles ARNOLD, of Haylands, met with a serious accident at the Lion Brewery, in the course of his work a large cask fell upon him, breaking his thigh bone.  He was at once conveyed to the Infirmary, where he still remains, and is doing as well as can be expected. (IW Observer) 

27/04/1878 – HODGE (about 12), son of fishmonger of Albert-street, was playing with a loaded pistol, which exploded and nearly blew his hand right off, it is expected to be amputated. (IW Advertiser, Ryde & Ventnor Times) *

04/05/1878 – WOODFORD (age 2), son of a gardener living in Bedworth-place, Ryde, was knocked down by a van belonging to Dixon’s Soda Water, he was badly bruised and shaken. (IW Advertiser, Ryde & Ventnor Times) *

08/03/1879 – 6 men working on construction of the new Railway Pier at Ryde, were injured when the monkey engine and part of the pier staging fell into the water at low-tide. Walter BUXEY had 2 pieces of iron across his chest, John BEAVIS had his leg amputated, CLARKE had his arm taken off, COUSENS was severely injured. The other two men NEWMAN and CARPENTER although hurt, were able to walk home. Most severely injured was BUXEY…… (IW Adv. Ryde & Ventnor Times) *

22/03/1879 – HILL Henry, a boy of Haylands, Ryde, was thrown from a cart loaded with timber, which tipped over and crushed him beneath it, he was insensible and in a critical condition. (IW Advertiser, Ryde & Ventnor Times) ~

26/04/1879 – WHITE John, of Cowes, whilst returning from Ventnor in a carriage, was in a collision with a dog-cart which was being driven severely by a man named MORRIS. Mrs & Miss WHITE were uninjured but shaken. Mr WHITE is very unwell and has been unable to leave his bed. (IW Advertiser, Ryde & Ventnor Times) *

10/05/1879 – BLACK-BARNES (Mr), when stepping down from a cart at Sandown Station, caught his foot in the wheel when the horse moved, consequently breaking his leg. (IW Advertiser, Ryde & Ventnor Times) *

31/05/1879 – WESTMORE, a boy about 8 years old, was playing in Back-lane, Ventnor, when a cart was driven into the lane, which knocked him down and squeezed his arm again a step, fracturing it above the wrist…… (IW Advertiser, Ryde & Ventnor Times) *

19/07/1879 – HODGES Benjamin, was making some repairs underneath a tramcar on Ryde Pier, when without any warning the conductor started the car. Of course Hodges had to find his way out to prevent being cut to pieces, and in doing this his right foot was terribly crushed and some of the small bones broken. (IW Advertiser, Ryde & Ventnor Times) *

19/07/1879 – SUTTON George, whilst working on Ryde Pier, was struck on the hip by a pile testing bar weighing a ton, it inflicted such serious injury that the poor man had to be taken to the Infirmary. IW Advertiser, Ryde & Ventnor Times) *

02/08/1879 – Mr WEST, Corston House, Spencer-road, was riding his bicycle down the steep hill of Binstead-road, when a cart ran into him. He was thrown off, and was so severely shaken and bruised, that he has been under medical care ever since. (IW Advertiser, Ryde & Ventnor Times) *

01/05/1880 – HARVEY John G., a sportsman of Newport, suffered a bad fall at Appleford, it is soon hoped he will return to the saddle.  (IW Advertiser, Ryde & Ventnor Times) *

15/03/1883 – DURRANT John, had an accident at St. Johns Station, about 2pm on Tuesday while engaged in shunting, he met with a somewhat serious mishap. He appears to have been in the act of jumping on to an engine when he caught his feet in the “points” and had one of them badly hurt, one toe in particular was badly bruised.  He was taken to the Infirmary. (IW Times)

23/04/1883 – On Friday a young man named RUSSELL, in the employ of Messrs. MINTER, of High-street, was thrown out of the cart he was driving in St. John’s and cut his head so severely that he had to be taken to the Infirmary, where he still remains.  He is however, rapidly recovering.  (IW Observer)

19/04/1884 – BRADY (Capt) R.A., while exercising one of Major TORKINGTON’s horses on Ashey Down, the animal bolted and jumped over into a pit, the horse and rider had a plunge of about 22 feet, Captain BRADY sustained a compound fracture of the leg and other injuries. (IW Advertiser and Ryde Times) *

03/05/1884 – MEW John, 44, was walking along the shore and when near Old church St Helens he stumbled and fell, his forehead coming into contact with a pointed rock, causing a severe cut. (IW Advertiser, Ryde Times) *

03/05/1884 – CHAPMAN James, 52 of West Cowes, was suffering from a fractured left leg. (Adv. Ryde Times) *

27/12/1884 – HAYLES Robert, a dealer of Newport, was driving his pair of horses near Dubbers, when they raced forward at a frantic speed, Mr HAYLES and his man GUY were both thrown out, HAYLES suffered a severely cut head. he horses galloped on until they reached the hollow between Pagham Gate and Rookley when they met Mr MANSBRIDGE, of Ford Mill who was returning home. The two traps came into violent collision and were nearly smashed to pieces, Mr MANSBRIDGE was severely injured about the head and quite senseless. (C/Press)

17/01/1885 – CONWAY Charles, the little boy who received such a terrible bite in the face from a dog belonging to Mr. SCOVELL, we hear is progressing favourably.  The wound on the cheek in gradually healing, and the fears entertained that the boy would lose his eyesight, are happily falsified.  The poor little fellow will, however, carry the marks to the grave.  The dog has been poisoned, Mr. SCOVELL exhibiting considerable reluctance to get rid of the ferocious beast, although it had bitten several children before.  (IW Observer)

21/11/1885 – SWEETMAN E. , while riding in the neighbourhood of Ashey on Monday, met with a somewhat severe accident.  It seems that he was riding a horse that he had recently purchased.  From some cause or other the animal shied, threw Mr. SWEETMAN, and dragged him some distance, and in his struggle to get free Mr. SWEETMAN was kicked in the head…… (IW Observer)

28/11/1885 – JOLLIFFE Elisha, mason, was at work on a scaffold at Rose Bank, Dover-street on Thursday, taking out a bow window, when part of the woodwork gave way, and he was precipitaded to the ground, receiving such injuries that he had to be taken to the Royal I.W. Infirmary, where he is gradually recovering.  (IW Observer)

05/12/1885 – LOCKE F.W., butcher, of High-street, and Mr. MATTHEWS, photographer, were both considerably hurt whilst driving voters to the poll in a trap.  When near the Coffee Tavern the vehicle suddenly parted, the frightened pony galloping off with the shafts and front wheels.  It rushed up the street past the Catholic Church and after getting on the pavement turned over…… (IW Observer)

30/01/1886 – STAY James, a hawker, of Ryde, slipped down on Tulse-hill, Ventnor, on his way from the Railway Station with two baskets of fish. The result was a broken leg near the ankle.  (C/Press)

24/12/1886 – WILLIAMS, had a finger badly crushed, whilst working a steam thrashing machine at Wackland’s Farm on Wednesday morning. (C/Press)

01/08/1887 – COOPER (Mrs) of Shanklin, fell through a gap at the upper chine caused by the storm wind and rain, she fell into the stream, in which she became wedged, the water being of torrent dimensions. She was extricated after threequarters of an hour. C/Press)

14/04/1888 – DUNKINSON an old man of Ryde, was knocked down and cut and bruised badly by a cyclist riding furiously in Star-street.  (C/Press)

00/09/1888 – JONES John of Swanmore-road, Ryde, fell from the footboard of a tramcar and was run over by two wheels, his right leg was crushed and had to be amputed.  (IW Advertiser, Ventnor & Ryde Times) *

20/09/1888 – DIBBENS a little boy, has been taken to the Infirmary suffering from concussion of the brain. It appears that he was playing in a loft at Bank Gardens when he fell out on to his head. The distance was not great, about 6ft. (IW Times) ~

11/01/1890 – PRAGNELL, a boy, fell and broke his leg in Station-road in Sandown, members of the Ambulance Class were called to convey him home.  (C/Press) ~

30/08/1890 – LAKE Warner , fell down steps at the Terminus Hotel Ryde and sustained fractured ribs.  (C/Press)

03/01/1891 – YOUNGMAN (Mrs), whilst rendering her usual service in the decoration of All Saints Church, Ryde, slipped and fell, fracturing a bone in her shoulder.  (C/Press)

11/04/1891 – TOOGOOD John, of Wroxall, lost his arm a few weeks ago, by having it cut off by a chaff-cutting machine.  (C/Press)

23/05/1891 – BEAVIS Peter, a labouring man, fell over the steep bank at Steephill Castle to the carriageway below and is in an unconscious state.  (C/Press)

24/10/1891 – JACKSON William, was working on a hayrick at Niton, when a strong gust of wind blew him completely off the rick. Although no bones were broken he was very much shaken. (C/Press)

26/03/1892 – SIMMONDS J. (Mr) age 64, fell off the esplanade wall at Ryde and broke his thigh.  (C/Press)

18/11/1892 – TANSOM A. (Mr). was making arrangements at Ryde Town Hall for the cage-birds show, when he fell from a ladder and injured his wrist.  (C/Press)

28/01/1893 – PLEASE William, when leaving the back of his premises at Wootton in his high-cart, the back-strap gave way and the shafts fell to the ground, he was thrown into the road on his head. He was badly cut about the face and head. (C/Press)

04/02/1893 – SHILLINGLAW (Mr), of Freshwater, who met with a serious accident in his orchard, is progressing well.  (C/Press)  ~

11/03/1893 – A fire occurred at Bridgecourt Farm, Godshill, occupied by Mr F.H.BARTON, who with the help of neighbours managed to extinguish the flames. Mr BARTON was considerably injured during his vigorous efforts, (C/Press)

11/03/1893 – WHILLIER Alfred, of Calbourne Lower Mill, fell from a laden van pulled by 2 horses, which ran over his legs, also badly crushed his hand.   (C/Press)

22/04/1893 – BUTCHER (Mr). foreman in the employ of Ald. BARTON, while at work on the Post Office premises at Ryde, fell from a scaffold and sustained a scalp wound.  (C/Press)

20/01/1894 – DAVIES J.D. (Mr). was driving down Union-street, Ryde, when his horse stumbled and he was thrown out.  (C/Press)

22/08/1894 – HAYLOCK Esther (Mrs), wife of the landlord of the Medina Railway Tavern, was found floating face down in the water by the foot-bridge over the Medina. She was rescued by Mr Albert WHITE, gardener to Mr J.P.MEW of Crocker-house and Mr Joseph COTTON assisted. Mr Joseph MEASURE applied artificial means of repiration with success…… (C/Press)

16/02/1895 – SPRAGG, a lad from Ryde, fell on a slide in Preston-place and broke his leg.

23/02/1895 – KING John, of Fitzroy-street Sandown, foreman lamplighter, was cleaning one of the lamps in Melville-street when the ladder slipped and he fell, suffering a cut head.  (C/Press) 

23/02/1895 – A young man named Oscar BOARD, son of the assistant overseer of Whippingham parish, was at work at Mr. J. S. WHITE’s shipyard on Thursday afternoon, when he was struck on the head by a falling ladder.  He was rendered unconscious.  Medical attendance was soon at hand and he was removed to his home, where he recovered, and, we hear is now progressing as favourably as can be expected.  (C/Press)

17/08/1895 – THOMPSON Horace, a lad employed at FALLICK’s bakery, had the misfortune on Tuesday to get his left hand in a chaff-cutting machine, and the knives inflicted serious injuries to the fingers. Dr. STONEHAM of Ventnor dressed the wounds. (C/Press)

17/08/1895 – BLANDFORD N., a lad from Ryde, was riding home, when, although his cycle had no brake, he was foolish enough to ride down the hill to Wroxall with feet off the pedals, not being able to turn the sharp corner by the Star Hotel, he was dashed into the wall, the result being severe injuries to his face, head and right leg. He was conveyed by train to Ryde Infirmary. (C/Press)

16/05/1896 – RUSSELL Frank, of Newbridge, was engaged at the Vectis works punchings holes in a plate, when one of his fingers was so much injured that it had to be amputated. (C/Press)

16/05/1896 – BALLARD Kate, of Newport age 18, in the employ of Mr and Mrs THARLE, New Barn, was reading in bed whilst holding a small paraffin lamp in her lap, she went to sleep and the lamp overturned. She suffered serious burns …… (C/Press) 

13/06/1896 – GREEN (Mrs), of the Star Hotel, sustained a broken ankle by a fall whilst cycling in the upper part of Lugley-street.  (C/Press)

27/06/1896 – LININGTON (Mr) and his companion, sustained cuts to the legs, when a horse attached to s spring-cart, belonging to Mr GIBSON of Ashey, bolted down St Johns-road, Ryde. (C/Press)

27/06/1896 – SALTER E.C. (Mr) a member of the Ashey Parish Council, fell over a wire fence last week and broke his leg. (C/Press)

00/00/1897 – MILLIGAN, the 7 year old daughter of Thomas MILLIGAN, was gathering flowers near High-point, Ventnor, fell over the cliff edge to the bottom, over 90feet. Her fall was partly broken by a heap of sea-weed and when picked up she was in a semi-conscious state and bleeding from the ears…… (C/Press)

00/00/1897 – POTTS, the infant child of Mr A.J.POTTS, china merchant of Pier-street, Ventnor, was severely bruised and cut about the face, when the mailcart in which he was riding, was smashed by a horse attached to a covered van belonging to Mr W.RUSSELL of Green Farm, Newport …… (C/Press)

13/05/1899 – PHILLIPS R.H. of Westend cottage and poultry farm. Knocked over a lamp and severely burned his hand and arm.   (C/Press)

17/06/1899 – IVES (Mr), of Pier-street, Ventnor, put out a fire when a candle set curtains ablaze and severely burned his hand and arm.  (C/Press)

21/12/1901 – ETHERIDGE W. had the misfortune to break his leg when he collided with another player (SMITH), whilst playing football as centre forward for the Bembridge team. (C/Press)

14/06/1902 – HARDY F. (Mr), of St Helens, his horse plunged and he was thrown out over the back of his high dog-cart onto the road.  (C/Press)

21/06/1902 – BUCKETT William, was loading railway trucks at the cement mills, when a truck slipped back and caught his head between the buffers, causing severe incised wounds on both sides….. (C/Press) 

21/03/1903 – Mr COATES of Shanklin was cycling through Arreton village, when he accidentally collided with  young  Ethel WHITTINGTON, both were cut about the face and shaken. (C/Press)

18/04/1903 – SAUNDERS a cyclist from Freshwater, ran into a carriage in Carisbrooke-road and was knocked off his machine. He was heavily shaken and cut about the ear, he was taken into Dr. CASTLE’s and there attended to. (C/Press)

02/05/1903 – BECKINGSALE B.B., Sandown, we regret to learn that the injuries sustained in his recent accident are more serious that at first indicated, a compound comminuted fracture of the right tibia, the fibula also being broken. (C/Press)

13/06/1903 – NICHOLSON D., of Rocklands, St Lawrence, was being driven by Mr MARTIN, coachman, when the horses were startled and they were thrown from the coach, suffering leg and shoulder injuries.   (C/Press)

16/06/1903 – PORTON Thomas, of Bellemead, Bartons-village, an 8 year old boy, was knocked down by a bicycle ridden by Mr H. REILLY and suffered a broken leg …… (C/Press)

02/04/1904 – SCAMMELL Percy, a lad of Anglesea-street, was knocked of his bicycle in Park-road on Saturday, by a collision with two other cyclists, sustaining a fracture of the base of the skull, and of the jaw-bone. He was conveyed to the Infirmary for treatment. (C/Press)

02/04/1904 – MILLETT Thomas, A clerk of Landport, yesterday afternoon, either jumped or fell over the sea-wall, and was taken to the Infirmary, where it was found that he had sustained slight concussion of the brain and other injury. He is progressing favourably. (C/Press)

21/05/1904 – DRAKE (child). son of Charles DRAKE, Dudley-road, Ventnor, had his nose almost bitten off by a crossbred collie dog belonging to Mr H. MILLIGAN.  (C/Press)

06/08/1904 – LININGTON Henry, builder of Wroxall, and CHIVERTON George,  were pitched from a two wheeled cart when the horse bolted, sustaining severe injuries to head, face, legs and hands.  (C/Press) 

18/02/1905 – LININGTON Henry, builder of Wroxall.  Jammed his hand between two pipes at Ryde.   (C/Press)

18/02/1905 – KING A.C., of Sandford, dealer in butter and eggs.  Seriously injured his leg after being thrown from his trap when his horse bolted.  (C/Press)

22/07/1905 – WHEWAY (Mr) was thrown from his vehicle on Thursday, sustaining serious leg injuries, he was removed to the County Hospital, where it was found necessary to amputate his left leg below the knee. (C/Press)

29/07/1905 – COTTON George F., builder of Niton was thrown from his trolley-van when his horse bolted in Newport.  (C/Press) 

09/09/1905 – WESTMORE Harry. was driving a trap in Mill-street, Newport, as he turned into the Castle yard the cart overturned and he was thrown out, sustaining a fractured wrist.  (C/Press)

09/09/1905 – Miss PANTLIN a lady visitor, was riding down the hill towards Ventnor esplanade when the brake refused to act, the bicycle gained momentum and Miss PANTLIN managed to jump off before it hit the wall, she was stunned and sustained severe arm and leg injuries. (C/Press)

24/03/1906 – ELDRIDGE a carter at Bowcombe Farm, was badly kicked by a young horse in the stable on Monday last. (C/Press)

26/05/1906 – COOLEY (Pte), of the Isle of Wight Volunteers, struck his knee when coming out of church and displaced the cap.  (C/Press)

30/06/1906 – STRINGER (Mrs). was struck by a metal pole when the coach in which she was a passenger, ran into the blinds of Denny’s the drapers at Ryde.  (C/Press)

18/04/1908 – A horse attached to a governess car belonging to Mr. John I BARTON bolted in Puckpool-lane on Monday, while returning from Springvale and near St. John’s Church came into contact with a timber carriage, the cart being overturned, further on the frightened animal came in contact with a bus, and the driver,Mr. HAYNES, was knocked down receiving injuries to his head which were attended to at the Infirmary. The car was badly damaged but the horse escaped injury. (Times) 

15/08/1908 – WELTON (Mr), of the Lamb Tavern, was driving his car down Knighton Shute when the brakes went wrong at the bend and the car overturned, pinning Mr WELTON underneath. A group of cyclists rescued him from his perilous position …… (C/Press)

02/01/1909 – KINGSWELL G.A. of Wellow Farm, Shalfleet, was thrown from his horse when it fell on the slippery road, he was badly bruised and shaken.  (C/Press)

02/01/1909 – NEWNHAM George, Ventnor, steward of County & Castle Club, slipped on the frost covered steps and fell, sustaining a serious fracture of the right wrist. (C/Press)

12/02/1910 – DALLIMORE Charles, a labourer, while working for Mr J.C.RADFORD on some buildings, had the misfortune to fall a distance of some 10ft, no bones broken but suffered a severe shaking. (C/Press) 

12/02/1910 – JACKMAN Robert an elderly market gardener of Wellow was thrown from his pony-cart when the horse shied, he was thrown onto the road, the wheels passing over him. He had cuts to hands and arms. (C/Press) 

02/07/1910 – HARLEY Albert, a newspaper boy of Sandown, fell from his bicycle while delivering newspapers, sustaining nasty cuts to his face. Mrs E.T.PORTER former district nurse rendered first-aid. (C/Press) 

21/01/1911 – SPINKS H.G., Station Master of Yarmouth, had his right arm amputed. (C/Press) ~ 

30/03/1912 – ATKINS William, a carter in the employ of Mr A. MORRIS, contractor to the local authority, while shifting timber on the eastern esplanade, fell over the wall onto the slipway and suffered severe injuries to the head.  (C/Press)

10/07/1915 – ASH Frank, a small boy living in Bank Gardens, Ryde, ran down from his home into the High-street, he came into contact with a motor car belonging to an officer of the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry, who fortunately noticed him in time to pull up.  The lad was knocked down, but more frightened than hurt. (IW Observer)

25/08/1917 – BOYCE Miss, of Arundel-road, Binstead, was cycling down Union-street she apparently lost control on nearing the bottom and dashed into the house adjoining the Pier Hotel. She was badly shaken but was able to proceed home.  (Observer)

03/03/1923 – SEARLE (Mr), an elderly gentleman residing in Station-avenue, Sandown, was cycling through the town when his front wheel buckled badly and he was thrown onto the kerb, suffering nasty cuts to his face and hands. (C/Press)

 29/09/1928 – TOZER Stanley aged 12, of the Colonnade Restaurant, Lind-street, while playing with other boys in Green-street on Thursday, was knocked down by a motor-cycle ridden by Mr. Albert ARNOLD of Place-road, Northwood.  The boy sustained bruises and was taken to the County Hospital, where he was detained. (C/Press)

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