The Cinema


29 Oct 1910 .. Another cinematograph theatre is to be opened in Ryde.  The Temperance Hall in High-street has been acquired for that purpose and is being fitted up with tip-up chairs etc. (IW Observer)

12 Nov 1910 .. Advert – The new Cinema De Luxe in Ryde will be opened on November 14th 1910.  (IW Observer)

10 June 1911 .. Mr. Charles MARTEN and Mr. Stanley BROWNE have taken over the Ryde Cinema in the High-street.  Their policy will be to provide the best possible programme of moving pictures and variety without raising the price of entrance.  This week the well-known comedian Tom HAYES has met with the greatest success and that dainty soubrette and dancer, Kitty LEON, completely captivated the hearts of the flocked houses that greeted her.  The new management’s policy has met with a popularity which is likely to continue if they give as good programmes in future.  The pictures are the best to be obtained and are very skilfully produced, and not tiring to the eyes.  The excellent music is alone worth the price of admission.  (IW Observer)

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