License disputes and refusals

14/02/1878 .. RYDE BOROUGH POLICE COURT.  Refusing a lady – Mr. GREENHAM representing Messrs. Mew Langton & Co., applied for the transfer to Miss Julia ROSE, of Southampton, of the license of the “Grapes”, High-street, Ryde.  The Mayor said such a house ought to be managed by a man, and they could not grant a license for it to a single lady.  (Observer)

20/06/1885 ..  LICENSE OF THE GREYHOUND. The application for a protection license for Clara Fanny ELLIS came before the Bench, Mr. THORNE said he understood that the magistrates were reluctant to grant a license to a woman, but the experience and character of the applicant were so exceptional that he ventured to hope that the Bench would see their way to grant the license.  This lady had been 30 years in the Licensing business.  (Observer)

25/01/1890 .. LICENSE OF THE HAND-IN-HAND. Application was made to endorse the license of the Hand-in-Hand, Nelson-place from Jane BEAL to William JARMAN. –Alderman COLENUTT said that the house had not been opened for several years. –Superintendent HINKS replied that the license had been taken out every year. –Alderman COLENUTT remarked that it was a low place, and the fact that it had been closed showed that the neighbourhood did not require a publichouse. –The matter was adjourned till the next transfer day. (Observer)

18/04/1891 .. A LANDLORD CAUTIONED. At the Borough Bench on Monday the license of Sivier’s Hotel was transferred from Francis Nathaniel MOSS to William George HAMPTON.  the Mayor, addressing Mr. HAMPTON, said the Bench was willing to grant the transfer.  Applicant must bear in mind that it was necessary, under the circumstances which occurred last week, that his house should be watched and reported on, anyhow for three months.  At the end of three months they would have a report of his doings.  There was a great objection to his having committee meetings at his house in the middle of the night. (County Press)

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