Coastguards 1851 Census


folio 19 (Sticelett, Northwood)
Sticelet Cottage no.1
.. Charles Marks. head. 30. Comm Boatman Coastguard. Newcastle, Northumberland.
Eliza Marks. wife. 32. Devonport, Devon.
Sticelet Cottage no.2
.. William Forward. head. 25. Coastguardman. Grimsby, Lincolnshire.
Ann Forward. wife. 23. North Duffield, Yorkshire.
William Forward. son. 2. Saltfleet, Lincolnshire.
Ann Watson. visitor. 28. Coastguardsman’s Wife. Devonport, Devon.
Ann Watson. visitor. 1. Coastguardsman’s Daughter. Hastings, Sussex.
Sticelet Cottage
.. John Couch. head. 28. Coastguardman. Falmouth, Cornwall.
Susan Couch. wife. 29. Devonport, Devon.
Susan Couch. dau. 5. Devonport, Devon.
Agnes Couch. dau. 3. Devonport, Devon.
George Couch. son. 2. Flushing, Cornwall.
Fanny Couch. dau. 2mths. Newtown, IOW.
Sticelet Cottage
.. Michael Murphy. head. 28. Coastguardman. Queens Town, Ireland.
Elizabeth Murphy. head. 23. St Marys, Isle of Scilly.
Emily Murphy. dau. 1. Little Hampton, Sussex.

folio 477 (Whitecliff)
..William Prain. head. 53. Chief Boatman Coastguard. Scotland.
Janet Prain. wife. 47. Scotland.
Janet L. Prain. dau. 17. Scotland.
John Prain. son. 9. Scholar. Scotland.
Jane E. Prain. dau. Bembridge, IOW.

folio 131 (St. Lawrence)
.. George B. Dewes. head. 39. Lieut R.N. Coastguard. Fareham, Hants.
Annabella Dewes. wife. 31. Somerset.
Matilda Hannam. servant. 14. Hants.
.. George Lee. head. 35. Boatman Coastguard. Guernsey.
Emma Lee. wife. 22. Ireland.
Mary Lee. widow. 77. Guernsey.
Mary Lee. visitor. sister. unm. 32. Swanage, Dorset.
.. James Morgan. head. 40. Boatman Coastguard. Chepstow, Monmouth.
Eliza Morgan. wife. 30. Chepstow, Monmouth.
folio 132 (St Lawrence)
.. Thomas Marsh. head. 36. Boatman Coastguard. Margate, Kent.
Mary Marsh. wife. 34. Rochester, Kent.
.. Robert Reach. head. 35. Boatman Coastguard. Montrose.
Jane Reach. wife. 32. Montrose.
David Reach. son. 10. Scholar. Dundee, Scotland.
Susan Reach. dau. 8. Scholar. Colliston, Scotland.
Mary Ann Reach. dau. 4. Scholar. Harwich, Essex.
John Reach. son. 2. St Osyth, Essex.
Elizabeth Reach. dau. 3mths. St Lawrence, IOW.
.. William Roach. head. 36. Boatman Coastguard. Plymstock, Devon.
Elizabeth Roach. wife. 26. Plymstock, Devon.
John Roach. son. 6. Scholar. Plymstock, Devon.
Mary Jane Roach. dau. 4. Scholar. Cork, Ireland.
Susannah Roach. dau. 2. Cork, Ireland.
Elizabeth Roach. dau. 9mths. Cork, Ireland.
.. William Hood. head. 31. Boatman Coastguard. Cornwall.
Anna Maria Hood. wife. 25. Cork, Ireland.
Ann Hood. dau. 5. Cork, Ireland.
William Hood. son. 2. Cork, Ireland.
John Hood. son. 11mths. St Lawrence, IOW.
Ann Downey. widow. Family Nurse. Cork, Ireland.
folio 497 (Alum Bay)
.. William Wenham. hd. 31. Coast Guard. Plymstock, Devon.
Susan Wenham. wife. 28. Plymstock, Devon.
Amelia Wenham. dau. 6. Scholar. Plymouth, Devon.
Caroline Wenham. dau. 2. Plymouth, Devon.
William Wenham. son. 9 mths. Gosport, Hants.
Thomas Wenham. son. 9 mths. Gosport, Hants.
.. Donald McLeod. hd. 35. Coast Guard. Scotland (Stonewaypole) ?
Catherine McLeod. wife. 27. Scotland (Stonewaypole) ?
John McLeod. son. 3. County Down, Ireland.
.. John Moffett. hd. 29. Coast Guard. St Margarets, Kent.
Elizabeth Moffett. wife. 30. Cross Roads, Dunagall.
.. Abraham Driver. hd. 34. Coast Guard. Beer, Devon.
Sarah Driver. wife. 29. Beer, Devon.
Mary Jane Driver. dau. 7. Scholar. Fairlight, Sussex.
Joseph Driver. son. 5. Scholar. Pett, Sussex.
Richard Driver. son. 2. Pett, Sussex.
Elizabeth Driver. dau. 6 mths. Freshwater, IOW.
Elizabeth Driver. sister. 26. visitor. Beer, Devon.
folio 509 (Freshwater Bay)
.. Edward Pitt. hd. 43. Coast Guard Service. Portland, Dorset.
Elizabeth Pitt. wife. 42. Portland, Dorset.
Mary Pitt. dau. 18. Ireland.
Jane Pitt. dau. 15. Ireland.
Edward Pitt. son. 12. Scholar. Ireland.
George Pitt. son. 6. Scholar. Freshwater, IOW.
Selina Pitt. dau. 1. Yarmouth, IOW.
.. Richard Rice. hd. 36. Coast Guard Service. Cornwall.
Sarah Rice. wife. 29. Embelton, Northumberland.
Jeremiah Rice. son. 5. Isle of Wight.
Thomas William Rice. son. 4. Isle of Wight.
folio 511
.. Thomas Wenham. hd. 34. Coast Guard Service. Brighton, Sussex.
Mary Ann Wenham. wife. 24. Brighton, Sussex.
.. William Caldwell. hd. 46. Coast Guard Service. Newlyn, Cornwall.
Mary Caldwell. wife. 44. Newlyn, Cornwall.

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