02/06/1894 .. Presentation to Mr. W. JACOBS – We understand that the good work done by Mr. W. JACOBS at Hazelwood was recognised on Wednesday by the presentation to him at Exeter Hall of £300 on his retirement from the management of that seaside home.  (IW County Press)22/03/1917 .. Hazelwood Hospital – The following gifts have been received at this hospital during the week: Cigarettes, Miss STRIDE; Soup, Mrs. Denman MURRAY; Puzzles, Miss M. FARDELL, Miss E. RYALL; Dressings, The Joint War Committee, London; Slippers, Miss BAINES; Papers and books, Mrs. LATTO, Mrs. STAINER; Brandy, Mr. LATTO; Flowers, Miss LAWSON.  14 patients were discharged during the week.  Total now in hospital 80…… (IW Times)

 11/06/1904 .. The annual meeting of this seaside Home was held in Exeter-hall on Wednesday, Mr. Howard WILLIAMS, son of Sir George WILLIAMS, presiding, in the room of his father, who was too unwell to do so.  Sir George, was re-elected president by acclamation.  Eloquent testimony was borne to the benefits of the institution and to the good work of Mr. and Mrs. MORPHEY in connection therewith, and feeling reference was made to the loss sustained by the death of Mr. W. JACOBS.  These references were gratefully acknowledged by Mr. Ernest JACOBS, his son.

06/07/1918 .. Hazelwood Hospital – Mrs. T. G. TANTON wishes to thank all those who so kindly contributed to the cost of the sewing machine required for this hospital.  We may mention that Mrs. TANTON is the widow of the late Mr. T. G. TANTON of Auckland, New Zealand, and for several years formerly resided at Salsette, on the Strand, Ryde and being on a visit here, very kindly took up the collection for the above.  (IW Observer)

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