Ale House license Transfers

THIS IS A LIST OF RYDE ALE HOUSE LICENSE TRANSFERS EXTRACTED FROM THE NEWSPAPERS, OTHERS WILL BE ADDED AS AND WHEN I FIND THEM. abreviations: HT=Hampshire Telegraph, CP=County Press. Obs=Observer, Tms=Times. Adv=Advertiser, Ryde & Ventnor Times.
1860 Apr 21:  Nelson Tavern, from W. GARDNER (L/L 24 yrs) to William JENKINS (Obs)
1863 Aug 29: George BURTON’s beer shop, Church-lane, Ryde, the Union now to be called Britannia, granted (Obs)
1863 Aug 29: Belgrave Hotel, Wm SALTER’s guest hse, Nelson-st spirit license granted (Obs)
1864 Aug 27: Eclipse Hotel, Haylands. New license to John ISAACS. (HT)
1864 Aug 27: Alma Inn, Monkton-street. New license to John WEARN. (HT)
1864 Aug 27: Railway Tavern, Monkton-street. New License to Edmond KENDALL. (HT)
1868 Feb 12: Wheat Sheaf Inn, Ryde. from Thomas TAYLOR to Joseph JONES. (Tms)
1871 Oct 11:  Eagle Hotel, from Mr G. B. HALLETT to Jane PERCIVAL (Obs)
1871 Oct 11:  Sun, from Mr RAINBIRD to George William LEWIS (Obs)
1872 Jan 27: Nags Head, High-street from Charles INGRAM to B.ROACH. (Adv)
1874 Aug 8: Malt & Hops, from Joseph RUSSELL to Harvey PHELPS (Obs)
1874 Aug 8: Grapes, High-street, from William EDMUNDS to Samuel WINSLOW (Obs
1881 Jun 11: Victoria Tavern, Monkton-street from James TAYLOR to Agnes Mary JONES.
1881 Jun 11: Nelson Hotel, from Joan HUNT to Frederick UMHAUER.
1881 Feb 14: Swanmore Inn, from Robert LIVESAY to William POPE (Obs)
1881 Feb 14: Sivier’s Hotel, from William Puzey HEWLETT to George WOODROW (Obs)
1883 Apr 23: Refreshment Hse, from Shem W. COMDEN to Shem COMDEN, St. Thos’s-square. (Obs)
1883 Dec 15: Bee Hive, Newport-street, from A PRIDDY to Charles FLINT (Obs)
1883 Dec 15: Eagle Hotel, Pier-street from G L REED to Alfred Lewis OLDFIELD (Obs)
1883 Dec 15: Malt & Hops, High-street from W HOOPER to Frederick HONEYBUN (Obs)
1883 Dec 15: Off-licence Dalvey Hse, West-street from T PEACOCK to Henry E SQUIBB (Obs)
1883 Dec 15: Seymour Inn, Warwick-street from E HATCHER to Thomas SILVESTER (Obs)
1884 Apr 12: Crown Hotel, from Isabel HALSTED to Henry Thomas HALSTED. (Adv)
1884 Apr 12: Dalvey Hse West-street from H E SQUIBB to George ALLEN (Adv)
1884 Apr 12: Lamb Inn, from Edmund PINE to Anne PINE. (Adv)
1884 Apr 12: The Granville, from Thomas HILLIER to Frederick E. AYSCOUGH. (Adv)
1888 Apr 14: Royal Kent Hotel, Union-street, from George ELLIS to Charles BODEN. (CP)
1888 Apr 14: Duke of Wellington, from David COLE to Miss PATTERSON. (CP)
1888 Sep 29: Marine Hotel, from Henry Thos BURTWELL to James William ELLIS (CP)
1888 Dec 15: Eagle Hotel, to William L. TIRER (Obs)
1888 Dec 15: Bugle, High-street from Edwin Wm. GLASCOE to Thomas SCOTT (Obs)
1888 Dec 15: Melville Inn, Melville-street from Samuel MUNFORD to John PEARSE (late of Hants Constabulary) (Obs)
1888 Dec 15: Rose & Crown, from William DALLIMORE to Thomas PRAGNELL (Obs)
1888 Dec 15: Yelf’s Hotel, from George PACK to John Charles MACDERMOTT (Obs)
1889 Mar 9:  Pier Gate Refreshment Rooms, from Henry ROBERTS to James BRADFORD. (CP)
1889 Mar 9:  Queen’s Hotel, from Edward TRIM to John Henry ATKINS of Portsmouth. (CP)
1889 Aug 29: Strand Hotel, from James BUCKETT to Edward SWEETMAN, jnr. (CP)
1889 Aug 29: Elephant & Castle, Brunswick-st from Alfred Lorenzo HELYER to Augustus Henry PRUCE (CP)
1890 Jan 25: Bugle Inn, endorsed from Thomas SCOTT to Edward SWEATMAN, jun. (Obs)
1890 Aug 10: Bedford Hotel, St John’s Rd from John BROWNING to Walter SWEETMAN (Obs)
1891 Feb 14: Swanmore Inn, to Sarah POPE from the late William POPE (Obs)
1891 Feb 14: Marine Hotel, Esplanade, from F. H. RICHARDSON to Charles MILES (Obs)
1891 Feb 14: York Hotel, to Mrs DRAKE widow of the late tenant (Obs)
1891 Aug 15: Nags Head, High-street from Samuel HEATH to James SALTER (Obs)
1891 Aug 15: Melville Inn, Melville-street from John PIERCE to James CHAPLIN (Obs)
1891 Aug 15: Eagle Hotel, from George James JACKMAN to Herbert John BONTAR (Obs)
1891 Aug 15: Seymour, beer house, Warwick-st, from Thomas Joseph SYLVESTER to Thomas FRAMPTON (Obs)
1893 Feb 25: Star Hotel, High-street, from Mr. J.E.VARDY to Mrs. Alice MEE, late of Winchester. (CP)
1898 Nov 12: Vine Hotel, this licensed property with Marine Hse & Stabling has been sold to Messrs. Mew Langton & Co.Ltd by Messrs. A.J. and W.COOMBES for £2,000.
1898 Nov 19: High Park Tavern, from Thomas DALLIMORE (Decd) to Sarah DALLIMORE. (CP)
1899 Apr 15: Royal Kent Hotel, from John Thomas WOODMAN to John Edward PRESTON. (Obs)
1899 Apr 15: Waterman’s Arms, South-street, from Henry WHITE to Walter HARDWICK . (Obs)
1899 Apr 15: Royal Standard, Castle-street, from Thomas CASS to Thomas LAYBOURNE. (Obs)
1899 Apr 15: Grocer’s licence from H. SPANNER to Robert WILLIAMS. (Obs)
1899 Apr 15: Licence of 6 Nelson-st (grocer’s shop formerly kept by Mr. JOLLIFFE) endorsed from Joseph WOODMAN to Arthur Fdk. BIGGS. (Obs)
1900 Aug 4:  Lamb Inn, Brunswick-st, from Kate HOLLOWAY to William LASSMANN. (Obs)
1900 Aug 4:  Albion, Newport-st, from John CULL to Frederick Humphrey GOULTER. (Obs)
1900 Aug 4:  Solent Hotel, Monkton-st temporary transferred from Henry LENNON to H.P. CHIVERTON (Obs)
1900 Aug 4:  Terminus Hotel, Monkton-st re-endorsed from Wm Algernon EBBLEWHITE to James HUMPHREYS (Obs)
1901 Dec 21: “Off” Beer license, 120 High-street, from Helen JONES to Eliza Maria JAMES. (CP)
1901 Dec 21: Fountain Inn, Player-street, from James WHEELER to Edward SMITH. (CP)
1901 Dec 21: Gem Inn, Hill-street, from Jacob REED to William SHEPPARD. (CP)
1901 Dec 21: Albion, Newport-street, from Fdk Humphrey GAULTERN to Jas Alfred CHAPMAN. (CP)
1901 Dec 21: Malt & Hops, High-street, from Harry Wm CADDY to Robert URQUHART. (CP)
1901 Dec 21: Terminus Hotel, Monkton-street, from James HUMPHREY to Edward MCCARTHY. (CP)
1901 Dec 21: Greyhound Inn, Union-street, from William WHITTINGTON to Herman MISKESCH. (CP)
1901 Dec 21: Royal Sovereign, Castle-street, from Thomas LEYBOURNE to Fdk Thomas SMITH. (CP)
1901 Dec 21: Falcon, Swanmore-road, from Edwin Tom ALEXANDER to Julia ALEXANDER, his widow. (CP)
1902 Apr 19: Albion, Newport-street, from James Alfred CHAPMAN to Robert BURLEY, temporary. (CP)
1903 Apr 11: Royal Kent Hotel, from Albert Ernest DUNFORD to Alexander LORIMER. Hotel in future be known as Lorimers Royal Hotel.
1904 Mar 19: Wheatsheaf, Nelson-street, from Edmund Chas PERKIS to Henry Edward KEEFE (CP)
1904 Nov 6:  Brewers Arms, High-street, from Frank ALCOCK to Harry BLUNDEN (CP)
1905 Jun 3:  Rose & Crown beer-house, High-street, from Thomas PRAGNELL to William CURTIS, temporary. (CP)
1910 Jan 29: Lake Superior, Brading-road, from James MOXHAM to Tom Oldbury MOORE of Albert-street, a retired staff-sergeant-farrier from the Dragoons.
1910 Apr 30: Wellington, Pier-street, from Albert Edw TRIM to John L WILLIS temporary. (CP)
1910 Apr 30: License held by Eliza MANSER, High-street, Oakfield to Daniel NEAL. (CP)
1910 June 4: Esplanade Hotel, Ryde, from Henry SIRKETT to Frank BOND. (Obs)
1910 Aug 13: Application on behalf of Mr. W.C.BLACK estate trustee of Mr. F.C.HOSKINGS for the transfer to him of the license of the Crown Hotel. (Tms)
1911 Feb 18: Crown Hotel from Wm. Charles BLACK, trustee in bankruptcy to Richard Spencer COMPTON. (Obs)
1911 Feb 18: Malt & Hops, High-street, from the late Charles Henry GILBERT to his widow Mrs GILBERT. (Obs)
1911 Nov 18: Bedford Hotel, St John’s Rd, from Walter SWEETMAN to Edgar ARMSTRONG (Obs)
1912 Aug 3:  Bedford Hotel, St John’s Rd, from Edgar E.A. ARMSTRONG to Frederick John EDWARDS (Obs)
1912 Oct 5:  Castle Hotel, High-street, from Harry MARSH (decd) to Wm B.B. KNIGHT, manager to George GALE & Co. Southsea.
1912 Oct 5:  Simeon Arms, Simeon-street, from Wm F.H. GROUNDS to Thomas JONES.
1912 Oct 5:  Fountain Inn, Player-street, from Robert Denham RAE to Charles CROWFOOT.
1912 Oct 5:  Solent Hotel from the Official Receiver in Bankruptcy to James SAUNDERS.
1913 Jun 28: Bedford Hotel, St John’s Rd, from John EDWARDS to Mansfield FRASER (Obs)
1913 Nov 15: Lion Brewery, High-street from Executors of late Mr. DUFFETT to Mr James Geo DUFFETT. (Obs)
1913 Nov 15: Greyhound, Union-street, from Wm Edwin BURREN, temp to Mr. Herbert Graham BIDEN of Gosport, owner of  house. (Obs)
1914 Dec 19: Turks Head, Lind-street from Charles FRIPP to Edwin WILLIAMS.
1914 Dec 19: Greyhound Inn, Union-street, from John LAWRENCE to E. BIDEN, owner.
1914 Dec 19: Gem Inn, Hill-street, from William RUSS to William E.J.BENNETT. temporary. (Obs)
1917 Aug 18: Bedford Hotel, St John’s-road, from Herbert LILLYCAP to owners SWEETMAN as licensee serving in Navy. (Obs)
1917 Nov 10: Rajah Brooke, Monkton-street, from J.G. AUSTIN (decd) to his widow.
1917 Dec 17: Turks Head, Lind-street, from Charles FRIPP to Edwin WILLIAMS. (Tms)
1917 Dec 17: Greyhound Inn, Union-street from John LAWRENCE to E. BIDEN, owner. (Tms)
1917 Dec 17: Gem Inn, Hill-street, from William REENS to Wm E. J. BENNETT temporary (Tms)
1918 Jan 17: Sailor’s Home, St. Helens, from Albert RAVEN to Walter KITCHEN. (Tms)
1918 Feb 9:  58 St. John’s-road, beer license from the late George GARRETT to Miss GARRETT. (Obs)
1918 May 31: Fountain Inn, Player-street, from Robert Denham RAE to Mrs Emily Jane CADDY.
1918 July 11: Malt & Hops, High-street, from William POWELL to Alfred Edward SMITH. temporary (Tms)
1918 Aug 3:  Lake Huron Hotel, from the late Charles FALLICK to Alfred Henry MILES. temporary. (Obs)
1920 Jan 8:  Off-license, Cross-street, from late Mr. E.G. STROUD to Miss STROUD. (Tms)
1921 Jun 4:  Bedford Hotel, St John’s Rd, from SWEETMANS to Alfred Thomas WATTS (Obs)
1948 May 13: Youngs Restaurant, 30-31 Union-street, from Sarah Jane MAFFEY to Geo Wm SPENCER. (Tms)

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