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20 Nov 1884:  Miss RAINE‘s Hospitality at Haylands is well-known.  Miss RAINE, has for many years conducted what is generally known as a “Mother’s meeting,”  the members of which assemble at Haylands House one afternoon each week, when they pay their deposits for clothing, which they receive, with a bonus at the end of the year.  After the members have made their deposits, they then assemble in a large room set apart for the purpose, where they engage in needlework, while Miss RAINE amuses them with readings &c.  On Thursday afternoon a large number, at the kind invitation of Miss RAINE, assembled and partook of a bountiful tea, which had been generously provided, and it is almost unnecessary to add that a most pleasant and enjoyable afternoon was spent.  Previous to the tea the Rev. W. M. SPENCER delivered an interesting address.  It is only about a fortnight ago that Miss RAINE gave a similar treat to the members of the “Saturday Club.”  (IW Times)
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2 Dec 1916: Ryde Policeman wins the Military Medal – Sergt. O.H. PALMER of the Borough Police Force and now serving in France, recently wrote to the Chief Constable  and the following are extracts from his letters; I have not enlightened you of the fact that I am now the proud possessor of the Military Medal. You say that I am lucky to dodge the Huns, well, they frequently try to give us a treat and I still hope to be lucky. I get the County Press each week and still follow the details of the town closely. (IW County Press)

 28 Feb 1935: Police Service – Sergeant Oliver PALMER, who retires today (Thursday) after 26 years’ service in the Police Force, was presented at Ryde Police Station on Wednesday afternoon with a beautiful walnut chiming clock, subscribed for by members of the Isle of Wight Constabulary, and inscribed: “Presented to Sergt. O. PALMER, M.M., by members of The Isle of Wight Constabulary in his retirement, 28/2/35.”

The Chief Constable of the Island, Capt. H.G. ADAMS-CONNOR, C.V.O., D.I., made the presentation, and there were also present Superintendent A. MORRISON, D.C.C., Inspector H. ROGERS, Officer in Charge at Ryde. Inspector WOODFORD (Cowes), Sergt. HARWOOD (Newport), Sergt. WILMOTT (Sandown), Sergt. BUTCHER (Ryde), Sergt. DENNESS (Newport), and twenty constables from all parts of the Island.

Capt. ADAMS-CONNOR said that Sergt. PALMER had served 13 years in the old Ryde Borough Force and 13 years in the Isle of Wight Constabulary, and during that time he had done his duty to the best of his ability and his conduct had been exemplary. As an old soldier himself he was pleased to know that Sergt. PALMER had won the Military Medal in the Great War, and he wished him and his family every happiness and good luck in his retirement.

Supt. MORRISON, associating himself with the Chief Constable’s remarks, recalled that he had probably served longer by the side of Sergt. PALMER than anyone else, as he was a constable of Oakfield when Sergt. PALMER joined the old Borough Force. Inspector ROGERS and Inspector WOODFORD added their good wishes which were endorsed by others. PC HODGES as an old Borough Force colleague, also wished him good luck and said that Sergeant PALMER would probably never forget his last time on night duty, when he was greeted with hail, snow, rain, thunder and lightning! Sergeant PALMER’S successor at Ryde, PC LOCK, also wished him luck.

In a feeling reply Sergt. PALMER thanked the Chief Constable for his presence and also expressed his appreciation of the kindness of his colleagues. Sergt. PALMER was a senior sergeant in the force, having been promoted just after the war. (IW Times)

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