The Volunteers/Militia


07/02/1885 .. VOLUNTEER BAND – Bandmaster R.A. COOKE, of Peterhead, Scotland, has, we understand, been appointed bandmaster of the Ryde Volunteer Band in the place of Mr. R. HARRIS, resigned.  Mr. COOKE is not unknown in the town, having played with the Ryde band on one or two occasions. (IW Observer)

16/05/1885 .. On Thursday evening the two companies forming the Ryde detachment, 1st IW Volunteers, to the number of 114, proceeded to the grounds of the IW College, where they were equalised into four companies and drilled by Major FORREST, the Adjutant.  All the officers and band were present.  At the commencement of the drill Corporal EAMES was compelled through illness to fall out.  The utility of the ambulance corps was at once demonstrated, and they paid him every attention.  For the first time since their formation, the members of the ambulance corps wore cross-hilted swords.  (IW Observer)

24/04/1886 .. Several hundred visitors assembled at Parkhurst (by kind permission of Col NIGHTINGALE) on Tuesday last to witness the battalion drill of the Princess Beatrice’s own regiment, preparatory to the inspection on Easter Monday by her Royal husband, Prince Henry of Battenberg, who has signified his intention of inspecting his regiment at Osborne……  (IW County Press)

28/01/1893 .. The Volunteers fell in on Thursday evening for route marching, but owing to the unfavourable state of the weather, they were drilled in the Market. Captain WESTMORLAND (adjutant), Captain ELLERY, and Captain H. SWEETMAN were the officers present.  Refreshments were served out before dismissal.  (IW County Press)

20/01/1894 .. The Volunteers went out for a march on Thursday evening and were drilled with the formation of advance and rear guards.  They marched as far as the Canoe Lake and up St. John’s Park, returning home via Oakfield.  There was a good attendance, the officers present being Capts. ELLERY and H. SWEETMAN and Lieut. DAVEY.  (IW County Press)

05/08/1899 .. The Island Volunteers proceed to Ashey today to take part in the brigade camp to be held there until Saturday next.  Some 2000 men will be under arms, and it will be the most important Volunteer encampment ever held in the Island.  It is expected that the Queen will visit the camp on one of the days during the week.  The Central Railway Company have provided a station in close proximity to the encampment ground, and other special railway facilities are announced.  At the church parade in camp in the morning (Sunday) the Bishop of Southampton will officiate.  (County Press)

11/06/1904 .. The Durham Militia – At the latter part of last week an advanced guard came to Ryde for the purpose of preparing camp for the Durham Militia, and on Saturday were busily engaged in erecting tents, making camp ovens, etc.  The camp is situated at Bullen, on sloping ground which will be familiar to the late Ryde Golf Club, and town water had been laid on from Westridge Cross.  The tents can be seen from the General CALTHORPE’s new road, and the men have to congratulate themselves upon their healthy and pleasant surroundings.  The main body, about 800 strong, arrived at Ryde on Tuesday and, headed by their band, marched to Bullen and took up their quarters.  The Regiment is under the command of Colonel DITANS, and Captain R. E. STUART, R.G.A., is adjutant.  We would direct our readers attention to the official notice warning tradespeople with respect to giving credit to the men.  Observer)

12/02/1916 .. The annual meeting of the Ryde Company of the Volunteer Training Corps was held at the Town-hall on Thursday. Co.-Comdr. W.E. WEEKS presided, supported by Col. Sir Charles SEELY, Bart., J.P., and Platoon-Leaders J.P. WATTS (second in command), A.A. HOLLAND, and E.C. GOBLE……  (IW County Press)

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