Naval Heroes of the Past

8 Feb 1879 – IW Advertiser, Ryde & Ventnor Times
Extracted from the ‘Lifeboat’, the journal of the Lifeboat Institution, from the supplementary lists of Medals of the institution, none of the names of the officers published can be traced in the official lists, so the society concludes that some, if not all, of these heroes are now deceased. Voted to Naval Officers for their services and heroism in connection with wrecks along our coast in days gone by were:-

W.GOULD, lieut of H.M. Coastguard at Brooke, awarded silver medal on 30 July 1845 in acknowledgment of his gallant services in putting off in a boat with six men and saving 6 men from the ship “Siam” which was wrecked off Compton..

J.BULLEY, lieut of H.M. Coastguard at Atherfield, awarded 2 silver medals on 10th January 1838 and 4th March 1841 respectively, in acknowledgment of his gallant services on the occasion of the rescue of crews numbering 9 men in all, from the Norwegian brig “Enigheden”, and ship “Castor”, which vessels were wrecked at Atherfield. – the gold medal and gold boat, were also awarded to this officer, on the 8th February 1843 and 10th February 1848 respectively, in recognition of his gallant services in assisting to rescue 11 men from the brig “George” and 15 men from the ship “Lianrumney”, which vessels were all wrecked at Atherfield.

SYMMES Lieut. was awarded the gold medal on 9th January 1859 for his gallant services in going out in a boat with a crew of 5 Coastguardmen, and saving the crew of 9 men from the French brig “Claire”, wrecked at Yarmouth.

Thomas YOUNG, lieut of Coastguard at Atherfield, awarded silver medal on 5th February 1857, in acknowledgment of his brave services and skilful seamanship in saving, with his boat’s crew, the brig “Red Port” of London, and her crew, on 4th January 1857. He had also on previous occasions rendered valuable services in saving life from shipwreck.

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