Wreck of Brigantine “Noordster” off Brook Point

Dutch two masted vessel, 183 tons register, bound from Maracaybo, Central America, with a cargo of box-wood and divi-divi for Hamburg.   # explanation below

Names listed in order of mention in the County Press report 30 Mar 1895

UFKEN of Albasserdam, near Rotterdam (Captain of Noordster)
JACOBS Ben (Coxwain Brook lifeboat)
HAYLE Mr (Coastguard Officer)
SEELY Charles Hilton & Mrs SEELY
COOKE John (crew Brook lifeboat)
NEWBERY John (crew Brook lifeboat)
JACOBS William (crew Brook lifeboat)
HOOKEY John (crew Brook lifeboat)
WHITE George (crew Brook lifeboat)
HAYTER Rowland (crew Brook lifeboat)
WOODFORD Robert (crew Brook lifeboat)
HOOKEY David (crew Brook lifeboat)
HARDING W. (crew Brook lifeboat)
CHAMBERS Frank (crew Brook lifeboat)
HARDING W. jnr (crew Brook lifeboat)
MORRIS Leslie Mrs (took charge of ring-tailed monkey that survived)
KNIGHT (Photographer of wreck for Daily Graphic)
TAYLOR Mr (Official receiver of wreck)
DAMANT H.C. (Lloyds Agent)
FAULKNER T.W.B. (representing his father, Dutch Consul at Cowes)

Are the pods of the Cœsalpinia coriaria, a member of the family of trees growing in tropical America and yielding sapan, brayil and other red woods used for dyes. They are excessively astringent, containing a large proportion of tanic and gallic acid, for which reasons they are used by tanners and dyers.

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