Wreck of the Schooner “Ernst”

3 Masted wooden built ship of Barth, North Germany, was bound from Liverpool to Dantzig with about 420 tons of salt, with crew of nine hands. Wrecked on the shingle bank near Alum Bay.

Names listed in order of mention in the County Press report 26 Nov 1898

WALLIS Capt (Master and Owner of the Ernst)
HIRONS Mr (Station Officer of Totland coastguard)
MARFLEET H. Mr (Lifeboat secretary)
GARLICK Mr (at the Post Office communications)
EHMKE Johann of Stettin (crew of Ernst – Mate) .. rescued
BAUER Paul of Dantzig (crew of Ernst – Ord Seaman) .. rescued
SIMMONDS J. (cox of the lifeboat crew)
CONWAY J. (2nd cox of lifeboat crew)
COTTON E. (bowman of lifeboat crew)
COLE F. (lifeboat crew)
HALL F. (lifeboat crew)
ANDERSON J. (lifeboat crew)
DESMOND R. (lifeboat crew)
HANNAFORD I. (lifeboat crew)
KELLEWAY C. (lifeboat crew)
DAVIS H. (lifeboat crew)
STALLARD H. (lifeboat crew)
COTTON F. (lifeboat crew)
+ 3 COTTON J’s. (lifeboat crew – one being 2nd cox of Atherfield lifeboat)
SABINE E.W. Mr (Manager Totland Bay Hotel, took in survivors)
MAYNARD A.M. Rev (agent of Shipwrecked Sailors Society)
CROZIER Lieut Col (J.P. Chairman of lifeboat committee)
DOWTY George (lifeboat committee)
JEWELL E. (lifeboat committee)
TODD H. (lifeboat committee)
MüLLER Franz (crew of Ernst – boatwain) .. rescued
LIDZINSKY Hugo (crew of Ernst) .. rescued
GERWIN James (crew of Ernst) .. rescued
BERNSTEIN Albert (crew of Ernst) .. rescued
JUHL Joseph 50 of Kilew (crew of Ernst – ships carpenter) .. drowned
NIP William 19 of Dantzig (crew of Ernst) .. drowned

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