Wreck of the Sailing Ship “Irex”

Steel built full-rigged 2248 tons, crew of 36 hands, on her first voyage with cargo of 3600 tons of iron sewerage pipes for Rio Janiero, wrecked at Scratchells Bay.

This is a list of the names mentioned in the report by the IOW County Press 1st Feb 1890, a very detailed report. 

HUTTON Capt (Commander) .. drowned
CLINK Capt (Owner – Clink & Co. of Greenock).
SPILMAN Mr (Coastguard officer in charge).
HALLET (Coastguard).
MAYO (Coastguard).
NICCOLLS John (crew member).
LLOYD (Master Gunner in charge of Needles Battery).
DEAN (Doctor).
OWEN Colonel (R.A.)
HOLLIS (Doctor).
RUDD Eric J.S. (Rev).
MACHIN (Coastguard).
ROGERS William.
ST JOHN David.
THOMPSON Sergt-Major.
REEVES Bombadier.
HELYER (Police Constable).
WILMOT Articifer-Sergt.
IRVINE James H. (crew – Mate) .. drowned
HANSON Ernest (crew – Boatswain) .. drowned
REID Mr (crew – Second mate).
CAMPBELL Charles (crew – Boatswains mate).
ANDREWS James (crew).
THOMPSON Alex. (crew).
COLQUHOUN William (crew).
DURRICK Robert (crew).
CARROLL Stephen (crew).
MURRAY James (crew).
WEEKS Thomas (crew).
COLLINS Ned (crew).
MOORE Harry (crew).
MCILROY John (crew).
STEARNE Dick (crew).
HUGHES Sam (crew).
ROSE Isaac (crew).
DUNCAN Harry (crew).
BROWN George (crew).
DURRICK J. (crew).
“Old Harry” (crew) .. drowned .
LAKER (crew – Apprentice).
HATCHETT (crew – Apprentice).
JONES (crew – Apprentice).
BARHAM (crew – Apprentice).
BONNER (crew – Apprentice).
SCAFFIELD (crew – Apprentice).
DUFFY (Stowaway).
ROBINSON (Stowaway).
OGILVIE William (crew – boy) .. drowned
COWELL John (Sir) (at Osborne).
TODD Mr (of Totland Bay).
BUTLER Mr (of Yarmouth).
GILMORE James (crew – Carpenter).
GRAYSON Harry (crew) .. drowned 
BLAKE E.F Esq. (Coronor).
RUTTER Mark (Pensioner R.A. of Freshwater).
ESTELLA Thomas (crew – Steward).
REASON Mr (one of the jury at inquest).
MATTHEWS P.S. (one of the jury at inquest).
STONE Mr (Chief boatman coastguard Totland – 1st coxswain lifeboat).
COTTON Jacob (lifeboatman).
CALLOWAY “Laddie” (Lifeboatman).
CALLOWAY C. (Lifeboatman).
SANDERS W. (Lifeboatman).
SIMMONDS (Lifeboatman).
HAYMAN Frank (Lifeboatman).

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