Camp Hill Prison Staff A-Z

Records have been found between these dates, however, the person may have been on the Island longer. These will alter, if or when I find more. Birth records are their children. Some Officers listed under Parkhurst Prison, may well have worked at Camp Hill from 1912, however, if the record did not say “Camp Hill”, I have not added them here.CAMP HILL PRISON STAFF A – Z 

name rank birthplace/from dates found source records
BAKER Charles Edward Prison Officer Feb 1934 birth
BATTISSON George Henry Prison Officer June 1923 birth
BILLINGHURST William James Warder Mar 1921 birth
BLATCHFORD Walter John Prison Officer Sept 1922 birth
BROWN Thos Edw. Warder 1913-1924 birth +
BURGESS J.H.A. Chief Warder 1916 C/Press Almanack
CANTELO William Thomas Prison Officer 1922-1925 births
CHANNING V.H. Clerk 1916 C/Press Almanack
CLARK Alexander Prison Officer June 1935 birth
DAVIES Alick Leonard Esmond Prison Officer June 1933 birth
EDWORTHY John Warder May 1918 birth
GLAISYER Thomas Chaplain Mar 1918 birth
GREEN H.T. (Rev) Chaplain 1916 C/Press Almanack
HALL Eli Prison Officer Apr 1934 birth
HOUNSELL Edwin Warder 1915-1925 births
HUNT Albert Edmund Warder Mar 1914 birth
HUTCHINS Chief Officer from Manchester Prison Apr 1936 C/Press
LAWES Reginald Elliott Prison Officer June 1916 birth
LEAL Henry Walter Warder ex Army 1920-1923 births
LEECH Charles Warder 1921-1928 births
LUCKHURST William Ernest Prison Officer Jan 1934 birth
MORIARTY Henry Edgar (Corp RA) Prison Officer June 1916 birth
OLDREIVE Kenneth Prison Officer July 1935 birth
OTTON Frederick William Arthur Prison Officer Sept 1924 birth
PRICE William Henry Prison Officer Feb 1936 birth
PURCHASE Sidney Adolph Milford Prison Officer July 1923 birth
ROOKE Benjamin Warder July 1915 birth
RUMBELOW Harold Daniel Prison Officer Jan 1927 birth
RUSSELL Walter Thomas Cornelius Prison Officer Oct 1926 birth
SAWYER Alfred William Prison Officer Sept 1933 birth
SMALE John Mudge Warder Aug 1915 birth
SMITHERS George Henry Prison Officer Sept 1924 birth
SUPPLE Henry Guy Governor 1914-1916 C/Press, birth, Almanack
TIMPSON Ernest Victor Prison Officer Jan 1935 birth
WATSON William Engineer Dec 1928 birth
WHEELER Albert Bernard Prison Officer Sept 1924 birth
WILKINSON W.G. Chief Officer Apr 1936 C/Press
WILLIAMS Henry Walter Prison Officer Oct 1924 birth
WINTLE Francis Edward Governor Oct 1921 birth
YOUNG W. Steward 1916 C/Press Almanack

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