Parkhurst Prison Warders T-Y

Records have been found between these dates, however, the person may have been on the Island longer. These will alter, if or when I find more. Birth records are their children.It may be that some of these officers from the date of 1912, worked at Camp Hill Prison, but unless the record said “Camp Hill”, I have included them in Parkhurst.PARKHURST PRISON WARDERS  T-Y  

name rank birthplace previous/later dates source records
TABUTEAU R.M. (Lieut) Dep Governor 1913-1916 C/Press, Almanack
TANN Wm Benjamin Civil Guard Chatham Kent Apr 1891 census
TAVERNER William Warder Chagford Devon 1871-1898 census,  Caris bur
TAYLOR Alan Stewart Prison Officer Apr 1933 birth
TAYLOR George Nurse/Warder 1904-1915 birth, Newport bapt
TAYLOR  Haydon Aldersey Chaplain Southwark Surrey Portsmouth 1901 1879-1891 census, Hills, Press
TAYLOR Warder Mar 1889 County Press
TAYLOR Herbert Schoolmaster Suffolk Apr 1881 census
TAYLOR Henry M. Asst Warder Calne Wilts Mar 1901 census
TAYLOR James Henry Asst Warder 1901-1902 bapt, C/Press
TAYLOR Warder Jan 1914 County Press
TAYLOR John Cook/Warder Carisbrooke IOW Mar 1851 census
TAYLOR John Infirmary Wdr Newport IOW Apr 1861 census
TAYLOR Robert Warder 1883-1891 census, bapt, bur
TEE Thomas Warder Jan 1915 County Press
THOMAS John Warder Monkton Pembroke 1890-1915 census, sch reg, bur, Press
THOMPSON Geo. Robert Warder May 1909 birth
THOMPSON Robert Asst Warder Dec 1904 Caris bapt
THOMSON William Warder Dec 1844 birth
TILLMAN Thomas Warder Oct 1898 C/Press
TOMLIN Henry Austin Asst Warder Dec 1911 birth
TOMLINS Anthony Warder Nutfield Surrey Apr 1871 census
TOMMY Albert Frederick Warder 1906-1913 births, bapts
TOMS Uriah Asst Warder Weymouth Dorset Apr 1881 census
TOPPING Warder Jan 1888 County Press
TRAYNOR Francis Asst Warder Scotland Apr 1881 census
TREADWELL Oliver F.N. Medical Off Cape Colony (BS) Portland 1901 1905-1914 Kellys dir, C/Press
TREBY John Civil Guard 1871 Caris bur’s
TREBY Robert Burns Asst Warder Teignmouth Devon Apr 1871 census
TRELOUR  John T. Warder Gosport Hants Mar 1901 census
TRIGG Frederick Asst Warder 1908-1916 births, bapt
TRIMMER Wm Henry Asst Warder 1907-1909 birth, Npt bapt
TROBRIDGE William John Asst Warder Somersetshire 1901-1908 census, births, bapt
TROTMAN George Warder Topsham Devon Apr 1871 census
TUBB Frank Nurse/Warder Winchester Hants 1884-1891 census, bapt, bur
TURNER Joseph Warder Shalfleet IOW 1869-1900 census, sch reg, bur
TURNHAM Fred Asst Warder Stone Bucks Mar 1901 census
TURPIN Thomas Clerk Stratford Essex Apr 1871 census
TURTLE Frederick Charles Warder Portland Dorset Portland 1901 July 1906 Nwd bapt
TUTTLE William Thomas Warder Mar 1909 birth
TYRRILL Warder Mar 1889 County Press
UDY George Henry Prison Officer May 1932 birth
URRY James Steward Weyhill Hants 1881-1887 census, C/Press
VARNEY Frank Warder 1904-1910 birth, bapts
VIGURS Walter Michael Warder ex Army Apr 1920 birth
VINCENT Wm Thos Jas Asst Warder Portsmouth Hants 1894-1901 Caris bur, C/Press, census
VINE Peter Warder Scotland Apr 1861 census
WADHAM William H. Cook/Warder Carisbrooke IOW 1871-1893 census, sch reg, Press, bur
WADMORE William J. Prnl Warder Westmeon Hants 1891-1901 census, C/Press
WAKELEN Richard Gatekeeper Islington Mddx Apr 1881 census
WALBY Tom F. Prison Nurse Bradmore Notts Mar 1901 census
WALDRON William Henry Warder Mar 1919 birth
WALKER George Edward Medical Off Hickling Notts Apr 1881 census
WALLACE Cuthbert Rchd Wm. Prison Officer 1923-1926 births
WALTERS George Warder July 1920 birth
WALTON William Asst Warder Warwick, Birm 1907-1911 birth, Nwd bapts, census
WARD William Prison Officer 1923-1928 births
WARE Benjamin Civil Guard Southwark Mar 1901 census
WARLEIGH Henry Smith Chaplain 1859 Whites Gazetteer
WATERS Henry (Rev) Chaplain Hull 1902-1907 County Press
WATLEY John Edwin Warder May 1913 birth
WATSON Js D Beresford Warder Ireland 1881-1919 census, sch reg, Press +
WATSON Oliver Gatekeeper Ireland Apr 1881 census
WAY William Henry Prison Officer 1923-1929 births
WEBB Hospital Wdr Feb 1914 County Press
WEBB James Patrick Prison Officer Nov 1933 birth
WEBB Joseph A. Asst Warder Bloomsbury London Mar 1901 census
WEBSTER Walter Prison Officer Dec 1926 birth
WEDLOCK James Store Keeper 1895-1899 Kellys dir, C/Press
WEIR John Clerk Feb 1888 County Press
WELCH Tom Infirmary Wdr Poole Dorset 1898-1916 census, bapt, C/Press
WELLER William Clerk Aug 1867 bapt
WELLS Thomas Horace Warder 1909-1910 birth, Caris bapt
WENHAM John Chief Warder Steeple Morden 1881-1898 census, C/Press, Kellys
WEST John Warder Gosport Hants 1884-1891 census, sch reg
WHAVES A. Warder Chatham Sept 1885 sch reg
WHEELER J.B. (Rev) Chaplain 1893-1914 County Press
WHISTON Thomas Asst Warder Dec 1894 Caris bur
WHITE Charles F.A. Schoolmaster Croyden Surrey Apr 1891 census
WHITE George Warder Cherry Hinton Cam 1881-1889 census, C/Press
WHITE James Henry Gasman 1891-1894 births, sch reg
WHITE Thomas Warder Wellow IOW 1901-1917 census, bapt, C/Press
WHITE Walter Warder Aug 1908 Caris bapt
WHITEMAN Geo Percival Warder Chelsea 1901-1907 census, birth, bapts
WHITING Enoch Prnl Warder East Leak Notts 1881-1890 census, bur, C/Press
WHITMORE Henry Clerk to Govr Feb 1861 birth
WILKINSON Wm Geo Warder July 1906 Caris bapt
WILLIAMS Henry Warder Welling Kent 1858-1865 census, bapt, bur
WILLIAMS Henry Prnl Warder Salcombe Devon Apr 1871 census
WILLIAMS John Schoolmaster Cheddar Somerset Apr 1871 census
WILLIAMS John C. Warder Hertfordshire 1899-1901 census, sch reg
WILLIAMS William Tailor/Warder Newport IOW 1852-1861 census, birth, bapt
WILLIS Marmaduke Cook/Warder 1846-1850 Wes Meth bapts
WILLS John G’keeper/Wdr Axminster Devon 1857-1861 census, bapt
WILLS William Henry Prnl Warder 1844-1852 births, bapt
WILSON Augustus Prison Officer Dec 1922 birth
WILSON John Warder Jan 1907 Caris bapt
WILSON Simon Taskmaster 1838-1839 PRO ref, Vectis directory
WIMBLETON John Warder Newport IOW Apr 1881 census
WIMBLETON Joseph Warder 1877-1880 Nwd bapts
WINTER Thomas Asst Warder Shanklin IOW Apr 1881 census
WOOD William Warder Bradford Yorks 1861-1888 census, birth, bapt
WOODFORD Stanley Robert Prison Officer Dec 1928 birth
WOODMORE William J. Warder Woking 1886-1896 sch reg
WOODS Charles Asst Warder Mundford Norfolk Apr 1881 census
WOOLCOMBE Robert Govenor 1839-1841 census, Vectis directory
WORLD Arthur Warder Portsmouth Portland 1901 1905-1910 birth, bapts
WRIGHT Walter Engineer Prison Sept 1927 birth
WYNESS Peter Warder Scotland 1851-1855 census, death
YEATES John Warder Ryde Old Brompton 1892-1915 sch reg, bur, Press, census
YOUNG John Schoolmaster E.Kilbridge 1839-1892 census, Vectis dir, Press +

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